Are you one of the many real estate agents who listen to our show wanting to grow wealth by to taking your commission dollars and investing multi-family real estate investments? If you answered “yes” or you already invest in single-family homes and are ready to trade in your little green houses for one big red property, then this show with multi-family property expert Charles Dobens is a must-listen! After this podcast, you will have the exact plan to follow to buy your first multi-family investment property and you’ll also hear how you can leverage real estate syndication wisely to grow wealth.


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Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • Charles’ brief bio [2:48]
  • What and where should be the first multi-family that you should buy [4:31]
  • The best piece of advice Charles gives investors interested in multi-family investing [4:56]
  • Charles’ advice for the type of property to invest in – what he personally invests in [6:46]
  • Why Charles buys properties where the tenants pay the utilities [7:24]
  • What’s the most you should pay a property management company [12:10]
  • The mistakes that people are making when buying their first multi-family unit [13:53]
  • Charles’ advice on the right way to vet a syndicator [16:11]
  • 2 more important things to look for when investing in multi-family with a syndicator [26:55]
  • The general guideline for syndication management fees [31:22]
  • One more big piece of advice to anybody thinking about getting into the multi-family market [34:07]
  • Understanding the 4 different classes in a multi-family [34:51]
  • How to break through your goals.
  • Plus so much more.


Charles Dobens

Charles Dobens is a Boston-based attorney and apartment investor. Ever since he was young, Charles wanted to own apartments, but taking the path of least resistance (and not the path less traveled) he decided to enter the family business of insurance after getting out of college. That started a long journey that finally brought him back to the business of multifamily investing.

Charles has been involved in multifamily transactions either as principal, attorney or consultant totaling approximately $500MM. He currently owns and operates approximately $20MM of property in several Midwestern states.

In addition to owning and operating these properties, Charles also owns the management company that oversees them as well. After seeing the dearth of good, quality training for the new investor, he co-founded the Multifamily Investing Academy, working with new investors to train them in the correct way to acquire, operate and own multifamily property.

Charles’ law practice is a “boutique” law and consulting firm with one specialty; assisting clients through the entire acquisition, ownership and disposition process of multifamily property. With their experience as multifamily investors, they are uniquely qualified to walk investors confidently through the entire process; analyzing property, negotiating contracts, organizing funding as well as transitioning to ownership.

Charles lives in Duxbury, MA with his wife, Kate, and their four children, Abby, Jack, Nancy and Sam.


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