1046: How to Brand, Market, and Build a Real Estate Business – Oliver Borr

Building a real estate business isn’t easy, but it might not be as hard as you think. On today’s podcast with marketing expert Oliver Borr, we cover the exact steps agents need to take in order to brand, market, and build a real estate business. Oliver also shares how to automate your follow-up system, how to get more eyes on your website, and how to produce content that really connects with your target market. Don’t miss it! Read More

1045: Helping First-Time Homebuyers in a Seller’s Market With Emily Kaczmarek

Things are tough out there for first-time homebuyers, and they need competent, compassionate Realtors to help them through the process. Today’s guest, 30 Under 30 Honoree Emily Kaczmarek, knows this better than most; she’s been helping buyers close deals through one of the hottest seller’s markets in recent history. Tune in and find out how to generate motivated buyer leads, what to look for in a lender, and why it’s so important to educate buyers before showing homes. Read More

1044: Increase Sales by Setting Expectations Early – Belle Tunstall

Belle Tunstall went from 30 deals in 2019 to 72 deals in 2020. She credits her drastic increase in sales to setting the right expectations early. On today’s podcast, Belle explains why agents shouldn’t avoid difficult conversations with clients. Plus, she shares an Instagram strategy that brought her 30 new clients just last year. Catch this Real Estate Rockstars for some can't-miss advice on running a better business, helpful tips for new agents, and more! Read More

1043: Double Your Sales With Excellent Service – Katie McAllister

30 Under 30 Honoree Katie McAllister doubled her business in just one year. What was the secret to her drastic increase in sales? Believe it or not, providing each client with excellent service, regardless of price point, played a major part. Tune in and find out exactly what she did to earn eager referrals from past clients and members her community. Don’t miss it!  Read More
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Podcast Hosts

Pat Hiban

Pat Hiban sold more than 7,000 homes over the course of his 25-year career in real estate. Now, he dedicates his time to helping others succeed as agents and investors. As host of the Real Estate Rockstars Podcast, Pat interviews real estate experts to explore what works in today’s markets. He also founded Rebus University, an online training platform for real estate agents and sales professionals.

Aaron Amuchastegui

Aaron has experienced some of life's lowest lows and highest highs. In the past 10 years, Aaron has started several companies and led them to success. He's also bought and sold more than 700 homes nationwide. As Aaron says, he's gone from "being broke to being blessed." On the Real Estate Rockstars Podcast, he's hoping to drive others to succeed by sharing guests' inspiring stories.

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