The 5 Alive real estate sales system is turning heads and creating controversy with team leaders and real estate agents across the country. Today, you get to peek inside this 5-step real estate sales system proven to deliver six-figure real estate commissions to agents who simply commit 25 hours a week and follow the plan. In fact, 5 Alive is so fine-tuned that its creator, Chantel Ray, guarantees her first-year agents will make a minimum of $75k or she will cut them a check for the difference! She’s even sharing the actual contract with you today as proof! During the interview, she explains why this system works and what it takes for the average 5 Alive agent to take home six-figures. She also tells listeners how they can now learn the complete 5 Alive system online. This is one you can’t afford to miss as the 5 Alive is a goldmine for real estate team leaders, brokers and agents of all levels of experience. Tune in now!









Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • Chantel’s bio and the number of homes her team sells [2:24]
  • Why Chantel offers her 5 Alive agents a salary of at least $75,000 per year [4:02]
  • The average 5 Alive agent’s yearly earnings [6:01]
  • What the “Call 200” strategy is and how to use it [7:32]
  • Why the “Facebook Frenzy” strategy is great for reaching a huge audience [11:39]
  • The three ways to sell [13:48]
  • The laws of differentiation [14:48]
  • How Chantel’s team gets tons of clients by helping local businesses [18:30]
  • What agents must do to host a highly successful open house [26:01]
  • Why agents fail at networking events [29:33]
  • How to break through your goals.
  • Plus so much more.

Chantel Ray

Effective marketing and strong negotiating skills are two reasons Chantel Ray, of Chantel Ray Real Estate continues to thrive in the competitive Hampton Roads marketplace. Nicknamed the “rainmaker”, Chantel entered the scene and created a team of specialists to assist in the complex real estate process. Since then, Chantel Ray, has designed a state of the art office for her team members to thrive in and has assembled arguably one of the most successful teams of professionals in the region, utilizing each other’s strengths while providing superior customer service. Chantel is married to her husband, Rhyan, has a daughter, Shayla, and a son, Kyle.

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