SOTM 73: Working-Class America’s Last Shot at Homeownership – BiggerPockets’ David Greene

With home prices reaching record highs, many Americans are waiting for “the right time to buy.” That time may never come. On today’s podcast with BiggerPockets’ David Greene, we discuss the factors driving current market conditions and speculate on just how expensive homes could be in years to come. It’s a scary thought, but this might be working-class America's last shot at homeownership. Hear why on this State of the Market. Read More

SOTM 72: Is a Wave of Foreclosures About to Hit the Market? –’s Daren Blomquist

What happens when mortgage forbearance ends? On today’s State of the Market podcast,’s Daren Blomquist joins us to discuss the possibility of a massive wave of foreclosures hitting the market. We talk about current property prices, dive into detailed foreclosure stats, and more. Tune in and get information on everything you need to know as a Realtor, investor, or prospective homebuyer. Read More

971: Learn the Language of Real Estate Sales with Jas Takhar

Learning how to sell is a lot like learning another language. That's what Jas Takhar, the owner of Canada’s #1 real estate team, came to realize in his 25+ years of sales experience. On today's podcast, we discuss what Jas believes to be the best way to find fast success in sales: immersion. Jas' unconventional strategies helped him attain top-tier sales skills, and he shares those along with several hard-learned lessons from his days as a new agent. After that, we talk team building and business scaling to give listeners all of the tools needed to turn real estate into a successful lifelong career. Read More
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Podcast Hosts

Pat Hiban

Pat Hiban sold more than 7,000 homes over the course of his 25-year career in real estate. Now, he dedicates his time to helping others succeed as agents and investors. As host of the Real Estate Rockstars Podcast, Pat interviews real estate experts to explore what works in today’s markets. He also founded Rebus University, an online training platform for real estate agents and sales professionals.

Aaron Amuchastegui

Aaron has experienced some of life's lowest lows and highest highs. In the past 10 years, Aaron has started several companies and led them to success. He's also bought and sold more than 700 homes nationwide. As Aaron says, he's gone from "being broke to being blessed." On the Real Estate Rockstars Podcast, he's hoping to drive others to succeed by sharing guests' inspiring stories.

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