1041: The Four Noble Truths of Real Estate With Aaron Novello

April 28, 2022

Aaron Novello joins us on today’s podcast to share “the four noble truths of real estate.” Tune in and find out how these revelations helped take Aaron from 17 to 100 deals per year. Aaron also covers the prospecting schedule and roleplay practices that turned him into a confident salesman, how to identify a seller’s actual objections, and the three rockstars you need on your team if you want to crush it in real estate.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • About Aaron Novello [3:20]
  • Aaron’s introduction to real estate [3:56]
  • The most valuable resource: attention [8:49]
  • The Four Noble Truths of Real Estate [10:33]
  • What’s your competitive advantage? [12:05]
  • How to increase your revenue in real estate [13:58]
  • Aaron’s prospecting schedule [14:44]
  • Consumers’ fears about the market [17:17]
  • The third noble truth of real estate: listings = leverage [20:02]
  • The three decisions a seller needs to make before listing their home [21:35]
  • Identifying the real objections at a listing presentation [27:05]
  • The real meaning of confidence and how to build it [28:32]
  • The best way to become a good salesperson [30:49]
  • Aaron’s real estate team [34:50]
  • When to start thinking about building a team [37:04]
  • Income-producing activities [39:33]
  • Aaron’s sales stats [43:45]
  • Aaron’s favorite CRM: Follow Up Boss [46:03]
  • The three Rockstars you need in a real estate business [47:28]
  • Aaron’s coaching business [49:37]

Aaron Novello

Aaron Novello began his Real Estate career in 2006 right after graduating from the University of Florida. Since he started, he has personally helped more than 1300 people buy and sell a home and has coached over 200 agents. Even in this challenging market, Aaron and his team have been able to help so many people accomplish their goals and objectives because of their extensive knowledge of the industry, exceptional service, assertive sales skills, top-of-the line marketing, cutting edge technology and most importantly– hard work.

His understanding of this business and coaching has allowed him to help other agents step up and create success in their own business. It is truly such a privilege for him to impact the lives of other agents and see them grow. Through coaching, hard work, dedication and the right tools he believes that any agent can sell over 200+ homes a year.

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