Make the most of each and every lead with Adam Merrick’s tips for maximizing ROI on lead generation! During this podcast interview, Adam explains the marketing methods he used to build a trusted real estate brand before taking a deep dive with Pat on the strategies that help his agents convert real estate leads at an incredible rate.

Pay attention as Adam shares some of his team’s most powerful lead-conversion practices. Instead of giving up on leads that go cold, for instance, Adam transfers them between agents. Plus, hear how to bring stubborn sellers’ listing prices down with one of Adam’s best price-reduction scripts on today’s episode of Real Estate Rockstars!


Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • Adam’s brief bio [2:45]
  • Adam’s ECI and profit margin last year [3:20]
  • Where most of Adam’s real estate transactions come from [4:49]
  • The #1 source of leads for Adam’s team [5:31]
  • A different approach to circle prospecting [7:24]
  • Adam’s team structure [13:28]
  • The ROI Adam looks for with lead sources [17:57]
  • How Adam’s team manages leads [19:32]
  • Adam’s accountability practices [25:10]
  • The scripts that work for Adam and his agents [27:00]
  • A sample roleplay with one of Adam’s price-reduction scripts [28:00]
  • The number of houses Adam sold his first year in real estate [36:50]
  • The biggest lesson Adam learned regarding real estate growth [38:01]
  • How to break through your goals.
  • Plus so much more.

Adam Merrick

Adam Merrick was born and raised in the Peoria area.  Adam obtained his real estate license in 2004 and has since assembled a Team of talented real estate professionals that specialize in every facet of real estate, with the mission that the customer should receive the best possible service throughout their entire real estate experience.

In 2015, Adam Merrick’s Team sold over $90 million in volume with 685 transactions. Showing continual growth, in 2016 the Merrick Team sold over $100 million in volume with 811 transactions. The Team consistently ranks as the #1 Real Estate Team in the Peoria Area Association of Realtors and has held that title for the last 5 years.

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