884: Why NOW Is the Time to Buy Commercial Real Estate with Alan Schnur

February 24, 2020

For the last 20 years, Alan Schnur has been investing in real estate. What started with a single rental eventually grew to over 400 homes and 2,000+ apartment units. Then, one day, Alan decided to sell everything off and go all in on commercial real estate. On today’s podcast, Alan explains why now is the time to buy commercial real estate and outlines steps listeners can take to get started in the commercial sphere. Alan also shares the strategy he used to buy one house per month, the key to overcoming fear as a new investor, and the mindset needed to succeed in real estate.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • How Alan narrowly missed the terrorist attacks on 9/11 [1:50]
  • The strategy Alan used to buy one house per month [4:46]
  • Alan’s first multifamily purchase [10:02]
  • Why Alan decided to sell all of his investment properties [11:24]
  • How to overcome fear and take the next step [18:09]
  • Why now is the time to buy commercial properties [18:58]
  • Why not to worry about online retailers replacing brick-and-mortar businesses [23:14]
  • Insight from Alan Schnur’s The Cashflow Mindset [31:06]
  • The question real estate investors must ask themselves [38:34]
  • How to break through your goals.
  • Plus so much more.

Alan Schnur

Singular Leadership

Alan Schnur, based in Houston, offers exceptional real estate investment services by changing the very way people buy real estate, create cash flow, and harness their entrepreneurial drive to obtain true financial freedom. Through books, presentations, seminars, and consultations, Alan has shared his Cashflow Mindset with anyone seeking true financial freedom. He has traveled the world as a mentor and speaker, and has lectured at Harvard University. He was honored by Houston Mayor Parker and the Houston City Council for his commitment to providing affordable, quality housing to families in need.

Seasoned Expertise

Alan offers expertise that is seasoned, and made stronger, through decades of experience in all critical facets of the real estate sector. He is known around the country not only for creating substantial amounts of monthly cashflow through investment properties, but also for sharing his expertise with others who seek the same financial freedom. He recently published the second edition of his book, Creating Your Own Real Estate Cash Machine.

Successful Entrepreneurship

Alan has successfully produced an impressive real estate portfolio while building a company that reached more than 200 employees. After investing in a few single-family rental homes, he realized he could apply the same principles and techniques to larger properties and achieve much greater financial returns.

With partners and syndication he has bought more than 2,000 apartment units and managed more than 7,000 units, along with hundreds of single-family houses. He owns numerous medical, office, and warehouse buildings, along over a dozen shopping centers around the U.S., and builds multi-million-dollar custom homes. He has invested in apartment units and later progressed into other types of commercial real estate, as well as ventures encompassing private lending, student housing, and 55 and older apartments.

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