With the right amount of motivation and accountability, there’s no limit to a real estate team’s success. That’s what Ariana Pareja believes, and you will too after hearing how much of an impact her management style had on the team she took over. In just one year, she increased the team’s revenue by 60% by keeping agents motivated and holding them accountable. On today’s episode, Ariana shares the practices she employed to keep everyone on track toward achieving their goals and explains exactly how she recruited the perfect agents for optimal growth. Then, she covers how she sold her highly successful team to Compass for massive profits. If you want to scale up your team’s profits at a rapid pace, pay close attention to what this Real Estate Rockstar has to say!

ariana pareja

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • Ariana’s brief bio [2:56]
  • How much business Leo’s team had before Ariana took over [7:07]
  • The first thing Ariana did with the team [10:01]
  • What Ariana started doing when she joined the team [10:01]
  • How Ariana kept her team motivated [11:30]
  • Ariana’s opinion of virtual real estate teams [14:08]
  • How much the team improved after 12 months under Ariana’s management [16:49]
  • What it takes to sell a real estate team [17:37]
  • Details on the process of selling the team to Compass [20:34]
  • The dos and don’ts of building a real estate team for sale [23:55]
  • How Ariana used targeted Facebook ads to recruit agents [26:27]
  • Why Ariana values work ethic over raw talent [28:24]
  • Ariana’s recruiting process [30:03]
  • How to break through your goals.
  • Plus so much more.

Ariana Pareja

As the Director of Talent Acquisition at Remine, Ariana Pareja is responsible for finding quality sales people with a proven track record of success in the Real Estate and software Industry. Remine is a software that helps agents identify opportunities to increase their business while making them more efficient. Remine is a first of its kind technology to empower the Real Estate Agent. Ariana specializes in building successful teams that effectively generate business and, in turn, produces many satisfied clients. Through spending more than a decade in the event planning business, she has extensive experience managing event details and overseeing staff and vendors. These valuable skills gave her the ability to fine tune the Leo Pareja Team’s processes and systems, including management of the sales team. The Leo Pareja Team was sold to Compass Real Estate in 2017. Under her leadership at Leo Pareja Team as General Manager, company sales grew from 78 million to 125 Million in 2016. Now at Remine taking all of that collective industry knowledge and delivering powerful tools to help agents tale their business to the next level.

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