1077: RERR Highlights – The Best Real Estate Podcast Clips of August 2022

September 1, 2022

What’s the best way to start closing deals in real estate right away? What changes should agents make now for strong sales in a shifting market? Last month’s real estate podcast guests shared their strategies and offered suggestions for new agents as it gets harder to bring clients from consultation to closing. Tune in and find out what you missed last month so that you can go back and listen to the conversations that resonate with you and your business!

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • Christina’s team structure and favorite CRM [6:24]
  • Running radio ads to get real estate leads [8:28]
  • Christina and Elliot’s thoughts on the Real Estate Rockstars Mastermind [11:41]
  • Having the hard conversations with sellers ahead of time [13:25]
  • What it really takes to be a great real estate agent [14:45]
  • Boosting sales volume with better follow-up [17:44]
  • Asking clients the right questions [21:17]
  • What’s next for the real estate industry [22:51]
  • The real estate agents who did well in the last recession [28:03]
  • Strategies for striking balance between work and family [29:45]
  • Strategies for wearing less hats and striking balance between work and life [30:40]
  • Figuring out what you really want to do [34:02]
  • The team behind your decision to quit [37:21]
  • The video that helped Logan close his first seven-figure deal [43:23]
  • The three Cs for success in real estate [46:20]
  • Francie’s client-contact challenge [48:28]
  • Tips on running a real estate team [49:30]

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-Aaron Amuchastegui

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