Best Real Estate Podcasts of the Year: 2019 in Review

January 18, 2020

Start 2020 strong with a little inspiration from the best real estate podcasts of 2019! These include interviews with best-selling authors Chris Voss and Jeffrey Gitomer, multiple stars from the Million Dollar Listing series, and some of the most successful real estate professionals in the world. You can listen to all of the top 10 real estate podcasts of the year below. For the latest releases, visit

1. Negotiation Expert Chris Voss Shares the Secrets of Professional Persuasion

Before authoring Never Split the Difference, one of the top negotiation books of all time, Chris Voss worked as the FBI’s lead negotiator for international kidnappings. On today’s podcast, Chris shares the secrets of professional persuasion and explains what agents can do to save deals that are in danger of falling through. Pat and Chris role-play several common real estate negotiations, including those for post-inspection repairs and last-minute hang-ups at settlement. Chris also outlines the communication pitfalls that cost agents referrals, how to manage client expectations, and more.

2. Sell Like Ryan Serhant of Million Dollar Listing New York: Tips for Real Estate Agents

Ryan Serhant of Million Dollar Listing New York is more than just a television personality; he’s also a best-selling author and the head of New York’s top-ranked real estate team. On today’s show, Ryan discusses the skills and sales techniques that have helped him achieve so much since starting his real estate career in 2008. In addition to sharing strategies for winning both listings and buyer clients, he offers invaluable advice to rookie agents. Plus, Pat and Ryan discuss the biggest mistakes they’ve seen in the industry so that listeners like you can avoid common pitfalls that waste agents’ time and money.

3. Inauthenticity Is Killing Your Real Estate Career with Peter Lorimer

Peter Lorimer, co-host of Netflix’s hit new show Stay Here and CEO of PLG Estates, hates to see agents kill their careers with inauthentic approaches to branding and business. Peter says, “If you find yourself as a real estate agent thinking, ‘What do I need to post? What do I need to say? What do I need to get the most eyes on?’ That’s a slippery slope to homogenized bullshit.” On this podcast, you’ll hear why cookie-cutter agents can’t close modern consumers, how going against the grain made Peter the top Keller Williams agent in Los Angeles, and what you must do to ensure your brand’s longevity.

4. The Real Estate Agent’s Little Red Book of Selling with Jeffrey Gitomer

Jeffrey Gitomer’s Little Red Book of Selling should be required reading for anyone in sales. With over 5 million copies sold worldwide, it’s one of the top sales books of all time. On today’s podcast, Jeffrey breaks down his book’s most important principles and reconstructs them for real estate professionals. Listen and learn why people buy – what actually motivates prospects to say “yes.” According to Jeffrey, this information is infinitely more important than knowing how to sell. Jeffrey also covers what agents should be asking at listing appointments, why agents shouldn’t ask for referrals, and more.

5. RE/MAX CEO Adam Contos – How to Be a Rockstar Real Estate Agent

Complacency kills real estate careers, and it’s more important than ever for agents to deliver world-class service. RE/MAX CEO Adam Contos knows this, and he’s committed to helping his agents be the best at what they do. On today’s show, Adam describes the traits that define today’s top agents. He then shares how any agent can improve their business – and our industry’s reputation – by striving to better serve clients. Adam also offers insight into RE/MAX’s plans for the future, explains why agents shouldn’t fear market changes, and more.

6. James Harris of Million Dollar Listing: Selling Real Estate to the Rich and Famous

What’s it like selling luxury real estate to the rich and famous in Beverly Hills? Find out on this podcast with James Harris of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles! On today’s show, James explains how he and David Parnes took their real estate firm, Bond Street Partners, from no listings to over $500 million in annual sales. James also shares his best and worst moments on television, how he’s able to juggle fame with family, and the mistakes he’s made on his way to the top. To finish out the interview, James offers advice to up-and-coming agents. Don’t miss it!

7. ‘Flip or Flop’ Star Tarek El Moussa Bet on Himself and Won Big – You Can Too!

Flip or Flop star Tarek El Moussa bet on himself time and again while coming up in the real estate game; it always paid off. On today’s podcast, Tarek shares why going all in helped him achieve massive success and why this seemingly risky strategy is one that more real estate professionals should consider. Tarek also summarizes his history in real estate sales and covers how he landed a starring role on one of HGTV’s most popular shows. Plus, Tarek offers advice on getting started with flips, outlines the steps agents must take to boost sales, and more.

8. How to Add Value with Million Dollar Listing Star Justin Fichelson

Want to land your next big listing? You have to add value. On today’s podcast with Million Dollar Listing San Francisco star Justin Fichelson, we dig deep into what it means to add value and explore ways for listeners to provide clients with unrivaled real estate service. Throughout the interview, Justin sprinkles in high-value strategies agents can use to win more business, including ways to wow buyers at open houses and how to hone a mindset that will generate more business. Don’t miss it!

9. Transform Rookies into Real Estate Rockstars with Wilson Leung

Broker and team lead Wilson Leung takes brand-new agents and turns them into real estate rockstars. Two of Wilson’s agents have won Rookie of the Year awards, and one recently made NAR’s prestigious 30 Under 30 list. What is it he’s doing to ensure his agents’ success? Listen to today’s show and find out! In addition to explaining his process for training agents up on the skills that matter most, Wilson discusses his accountability practices and the importance of leading by example. Plus, he shares the best DiSC profiles for sales positions, the indicators of an agent with potential, and more.

10. The Power of Positive Reviews: Get Free Leads and Hundreds of Listings with Tony Baroni

The Tony Baroni Team has provided Floridians with 5-star real estate service for over a decade. As a result, they now have over 1,100 5-star reviews singing their praises across the web. Thanks to the team’s stellar online ratings, Tony and his agents constantly get calls from prospective clients and are setting next-day listing appointments with ease. On today’s podcast, Tony outlines how to get great reviews and leverage them for an endless supply of free, easy-to-convert leads. Don’t miss it!

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