Best Real Estate Podcasts of November 2020

December 9, 2020

Award-winning Realtors, successful startup CEOs, and more joined us last month to share their real estate knowledge with Rockstar Nation. We’ve compiled November’s best real estate podcasts in this post to make it easy to catch what you may have missed. Listen below and find out what’s working for real estate professionals in today’s rapidly changing markets.

939: Rental Management Made Easy: RentRedi Founder Ryan Barone

Managing rentals doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. On today’s podcast with Ryan Barone, we discuss how RentRedi makes the entire rental process easier for everyone involved. Ryan also shares some of the common mistakes new landlords make along with a few tips on self-managing rental properties. If you’d like to try RentRedi, use code “ROCKSTAR” to get their annual plan for just $1!

938: Small Changes, BIG Results: Multifamily Millionaire Jamie Gruber

Are daily habits dragging you down? A few small changes might make a major difference down the line. Today’s guest, Jamie Gruber, is a big believer in the power of positive habits. After all, they helped him acquire over 40 doors while holding a full-time job. Tune in and discover what habits had the greatest impact on his success in real estate. You’ll also hear what Jamie looks for in a multifamily property, one simple trick for staying positive, and more.

937: The No-Pressure Approach to Real Estate Sales with Robert Paolini

Wouldn’t it be great if you could win clients without scripts or manipulative sales tactics? Today’s guest, agent and author Robert Paolini, found a way. Instead of trying to aggressively sell his services, he works to build trust naturally by connecting with prospects in a meaningful way. It’s not the traditional approach, but Robert’s award-winning sales numbers are proof that it works. Listen in and learn how you can increase conversion while decreasing your daily stress by adopting a no-pressure approach to sales.

936: Staying Top of Mind Made Coltyn Simmons Real Estate Rookie of the Year

Are you a new Realtor who’s looking to bring in big business without a big budget? Today’s guest, Coltyn Simmons, won real estate rookie of the year after starting out with only $5 to his name. By staying top of mind with his SOI, Coltyn managed to scale his business without overspending on advertising. Hear how you can do the same on this Real Estate Rockstars. You’ll also hear how experience as a general contractor can help you win listings and what to look for in a real estate team.

SOTM 60: Trump vs. Biden: How Election Results Could Impact Real Estate

With the presidential election just one day away, we want to touch on how either outcome could impact real estate. Ari Rastegar, founder and CEO of Rastegar Property Company, joins us to share his thoughts on post-election real estate opportunities. We also discuss the California exodus, the best markets to buy in right now, and what retail might look like once normalcy returns.

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