Best Real Estate Podcasts of January 2021

February 2, 2021

January’s real estate podcast interviews featured forward-thinking Realtors, search-data experts, and marketing masterminds. Here, we’ve compiled five of the month’s best real estate podcasts. Listen below and learn what some of the smartest minds in real estate have planned for their businesses in 2021.

948: Are You Ready for 2021’s Red-Hot Real Estate Markets? Realtor Kyle Renke

Did 2020’s red-hot real estate markets catch you by surprise? Get ready because Sacramento-based Realtor Kyle Renke believes homes will sell just as fast through 2021. Tune in and discover why adaptable action takers will dominate in fast-moving markets this year. You’ll also learn how to win clients via Zoom and get tips from Kyle on running virtual showings like a pro. Plus, we discuss how to make working from home work for you.

949: Today’s Best Real Estate Lead Sources with Kirby Scofield

Realtors have plenty of choices for paid leads, but which ones are really worth the money? Kirby Scofield has tried most of them since starting his real estate career back in 2010. Today, he joins us to share the best online lead sources he’s found over the last decade. Plus, Kirby covers his favorite CRM software, explains how ad retargeting works, and offers advice on online marketing. Tune in and discover how to get the best bang for your buck when buying real estate leads.

950: Real Estate Marketing Principles to Live By – Jess Lenouvel

Are your marketing efforts failing to generate real results? Is so, you won’t want to miss this podcast with Jess Lenouvel. In 2017, she walked away from her multi-million-dollar business to help other real estate agents succeed. On today’s show, Jess shares the marketing principles that matter most and the three content types that bring in the best leads. Plus, we discuss strategies for brand-new agents, why polished ads underperform on social media, and more.

945: The House Hacking Realtor: Niching Down with Jordan Moorhead

Have you heard of house hacking? It’s a great way to get your living expenses paid for while building easy equity. And if you’re anything like investor-turned-agent Jordan Moorhead, it can also be a great niche for a new real estate business. On today’s podcast, Jordan explains how to house hack and what it took to turn it into a highly profitable niche for real estate sales. Plus, Jordan shares the starting strategy that made a second career in real estate feel like earning “a nice bonus check.”

947: Search Trends Reveal Hidden Opportunities for Real Estate Agents in 2021 – Carrot CEO Trevor Mauch

2020 marked a major change in the way consumers research service providers, including real estate agents. On today’s podcast with Carrot CEO Trevor Mauch, we analyze 2020’s biggest real estate search trends to identify opportunities for agents in 2021. Tune in and discover why your website matters more than ever and how to tweak it for better traffic and conversion. Plus, we cover how to get great testimonials without asking for them, reveal a little-known lead source that could change your business, and offer tips for turning an underperforming ad campaign into a huge success.

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