Best Real Estate Podcasts of September 2020

October 4, 2020

Looking for the best real estate podcasts? You’ll find them here in this post featuring the top real estate interviews of September 2020. Host Aaron Amuchastegui talks with agents at the top of their game, investors who have amassed dozens of rental properties, and more. Listen below for actionable tips you can use to make more money in real estate.

929: Retired at Age 27 via Real Estate: How Rachel Richards Did It

Early retirement isn’t just for the lucky few. Author Rachel Richards retired at age 27, and she joins us today to discuss how anyone can retire early with the right strategy. Listen and learn how to get started as a real estate investor, ways to start saving a ton of money (even if you earn less than six figures per year), and more. Rachel also shares passive income tips from her best-selling books and offers advice to new landlords. Don’t miss it!

930: No Paid Leads, $30 Million+ in Annual Sales Volume: Tara Carter

Realtor Tara Carter is living proof that you don’t need paid leads to succeed in real estate. Just last year, she sold over $30 million in volume without buying a single lead. This year, she’s on track for even better sales despite the ongoing pandemic. On today’s podcast, Tara shares how she built a booming business based on relationships and referrals. Listen and learn how to win business instead of buying it, Tara’s “chosen one” script, and the most important goal of any appointment.

SOTM 58: Advice for Struggling Landlords with David Greene of BiggerPockets

A couple weeks back, we discussed the official extension of the foreclosure and eviction moratorium. On today’s podcast with David Greene of BiggerPockets, we offer advice to landlords who are struggling with nonpaying tenants. Plus, we cover potential changes to the mortgage industry, the problem with today’s paid leads, and getting unstuck as a real estate investor.

SOTM 58 (Part 2): Scaling a Real Estate Business – Tips with David Greene

Scaling a real estate business isn’t hard. According to BiggerPockets co-host David Greene, real estate businesses are easy to scale. On part two of State of the Market 58 (watch part one here), David shares tips on scaling as an investor and as an agent. Listen to today’s podcast for advice on taking your real estate hustle to the next level, including tips for first hires, ancillary businesses, and more.

RERR Classics: How To Become The Perfect Agent with Jeff Quintin

What separates today’s top performers from average agents? On this Real Estate Rockstars Classic, Pat Hiban interviews Jeff Quintin to find out. Listen and learn about the three things that make great agents great and what steps you can take to become the perfect sales professional. Jeff also shares practical ways to build sales skills, advice on honing a healthy mindset, and more. Don’t miss it!

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