Before authoring Never Split the Difference, one of the best negotiation books of all time, Chris Voss worked as the FBI’s lead negotiator for international kidnappings. In the podcast below, Voss shares the secrets of professional persuasion and explains what real estate agents can do to save deals in danger of falling through. Continue reading

Joel Goodrich got his start in real estate selling $125,000 condos. Now, 27 years later, he’s selling $40 million homes for Bay Area tech professionals. In the podcast below, Goodrich discusses what helped him break into San Francisco’s luxury market.

Listen and learn how to position your business as a leader in luxury listings and ways to market yourself as an expert on high-dollar homes. You’ll also hear about the additional responsibilities that come with luxury listings, get predictions on where the luxury market’s headed, and more. Continue reading

Start 2020 strong with a little inspiration from the best real estate podcasts of 2019! These include interviews with best-selling authors Chris Voss and Jeffrey Gitomer, multiple stars from the Million Dollar Listing series, and some of the most successful real estate professionals in the world. You can listen to all of the top 10 real estate podcasts of the year below. For the latest releases, visit

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Authenticity and the drive to do better for clients are themes that made December’s top real estate podcasts especially powerful. In the podcasts below, you’ll discover what today’s most successful real estate agents are doing to ensure that buyers and sellers always get the service they deserve. To hear all of the latest Real Estate Rockstars episodes, visit

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November’s top real estate podcasts cover tips and tricks that any broker or agent can use to improve their business. Discover ways to generate free real estate leads with positive reviews, how to bring down business expenses, strategies for getting thousands of video views, and more. After listening to the podcasts below, check out for our latest interviews.

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Wouldn’t it be great if you could get higher returns on your real estate ads? Better yet, what if you could run ads in a way that cut down on the time needed to follow up with prospects?

Recent Real Estate Rockstars guest Jeffrey Brogger has a three-step system he uses to run low-cost ad campaigns with high conversion rates via Facebook. Not only is it great for converting contacts into clients, it essentially eliminates the need for manual follow-up.

Read on for an overview of Brogger’s lead-nurturing process so that you can try it for yourself. For all of the details and additional tips on making your ad campaign a success, listen to the podcast below. Continue reading

Real estate expert and author Robert Campbell has been in or around the industry his entire life. Over the years, he’s been through good markets, bad markets, and everything in between.

Thanks to his experience and a highly analytical approach to real estate’s cyclical nature, Campbell has a huge edge when it comes to timing market shifts. In the podcast below, Campbell explains how his approach to market timing works and why he believes the next major downturn is right around the corner.

Listen and learn what you can do to predict where your market is in the cycle and where it’s headed. Or, for a quick overview of the five key indicators to follow for timing any real estate market, read on. Continue reading

Happy Veterans Day!

As a real estate agent, one of the most rewarding experiences you can have is helping a veteran find a great place to call home.

But getting through the VA’s appraisal process can be a deal-breaking nightmare – if you don’t know how it works. With this article, based on a great discussion with Navy veteran and agent Phil Capron, I hope to shed some light on common loan-approval issues you can help veteran clients avoid.

For an in-depth overview of VA loans, listen to the podcast below. In it, Capron breaks down the benefits of VA loans, explains how VA appraisals work, and offers great advice on working with current and former servicemembers.

Oh, and if you’re a veteran, definitely give the interview a listen as Capron also shares several strategies for leveraging the power of VA loan eligibility to make millions in real estate. Continue reading