When people call you, are they ready to do business or they are still kicking tires? Stop wasting time dealing with prospects who are not ready to do business with you on the first call. Brandon Nelson holds the key to a strategy which will drive prospects to your door – prospects who have already vetted you and are only calling because they are ready to hire you right then and there. His strategy helps him get 80% repeat referral business year in and year out. Pull out the pen and paper and get ready to make more money in real estate!


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Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • Brandon’s brief bio [3:40]
  • What Brandon’s business looks like [5:50]
  • Following the Profit First philosophy [6:52]
  • The 2 Things You Need to Be in Business and Where Brandon’s Business is Coming From [12:05]
  • The 2 questions to ask when hiring someone in any service industry [18:50]
  • The Ninja selling philosophy [20:39]
  • How to earn 5-star reviews [24:32]
  • The great retrace technique to grow your referral business [28:05]
  • How to turbocharge the handwritten note with a review to drive more referral business [31:18]
  • Brandon’s process for recruiting and retaining agents with the same philosophy as his [33:29]
  • How to close 47 sides and generate $207k in commissions as a rookie agent [34:38]
  • Brandon’s failure and what he learned from it [41:29]
  • How to break through your goals.
  • Plus so much more!


Brandon Nelson

Brandon Nelson is a passionate and successful realtor.  He got an “honorary doctorate in houses” before he ever sold one. By that he meant, in his 20’s he became a journeyman carpenter, building and remodeling houses from foundation to trim. In 2004, Brandon completed the Bellingham Technical College Home Inspector program, and became one of the busiest inspectors around. Over the next 3.5 years, he completed nearly 700 inspections. He wouldn’t trade those crawl-space tours, attic-traverses, plumbing-probes or electrical-evaluations for anything. Today, in every house he shows, preview, or prepare to list, Brandon calls on that inner-inspector knowledge and experience.

Brandon has two beautiful, smart, athletic children, named Hayden and Jazzy. They astound him every single day, and Brandon credits their Mama – his beautiful, smart, athletic wife Heather – for their awesomeness.

Brandon and Heather are also athletes. His main sport since 1992 has been kayaking. He paddled, raced and explored in some of the most remote corners of the earth. Brandon is a 12-year veteran of Bellingham’s own Ski to Sea. And in August, 2013, with the help of his best friends and community, Brandon achieved a long-held dream of breaking the Guinness World Record for endurance paddling. He went 151.87 miles in 24 continuous hours, right in Bellingham on Lake Padden.


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