596: Close a Minimum of One Deal per Week as a Solo Agent with Brittiny Howard

January 8, 2018

Are you struggling to close one or more deals per month as a solo agent? That’s about to change! On this Real Estate Rockstars, Brittiny Howard shares the tips and tricks that helped her close a minimum of one deal per week as a new solo agent. Not only does Brittiny break her powerful prospecting process down for listeners, she explains the most important thing to do with a Zillow lead. Plus, other important issues, like agent safety, are discussed on today’s show. Don’t miss it!


Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • Brittiny’s brief bio [1:06]
  • Brittiny’s ECI and profit figures [3:34]
  • Why Brittiny was fired last year [4:50]
  • How Brittiny closes a minimum of one deal per week [7:25]
  • The prospecting process that took Brittiny from zero to hero [9:04]
  • The most important thing to do with a Zillow lead [12:59]
  • A sample roleplay for converting Zillow leads [15:22]
  • Strategies for staying safe at showings [19:18]
  • An autoresponder app Brittiny uses to convert leads [25:24]
  • Some social media strategies for more referrals [27:20]
  • Brittiny’s strategy for selling as many homes as possible in six months [32:37]
  • How to break through your goals.
  • Plus so much more.

Brittiny Howard

Brittiny has lived in the Baton Rouge area for seven years and believe in integrity, hard work, diligence and a commitment to her clients. She grew up in the Tennessee area and began her sales habit at the tender age of twelve, helping her mom sell her home to her best friend’s family. Brittiny’s dad and granddad built a lucrative roofing and brick masonry business, and she frequently visited sites with her dad, learning about construction. Brittiny took two years of architectural drafting before attending Vanderbilt University.

Brittiny’s years as a court reporter provide her with valuable insight into contracts.  Along with a close friend, she launched a lucrative furniture refinishing company before becoming a realtor.

Brittiny believes in being on the cutting edge of technology in the real estate industry, while still providing her clients with southern charm. You’ll often hear her southern drawl permeate her speech LOL.  Due to her knowledge of construction, she has a keen eye for building practices.

Brittiny is a detail-oriented individual, and her experiences in the past with other realtors made her think: “why not me”? She decided to become a realtor so that she can give her clients the kind of service that she wanted:  caring, motivated, and empathetic.  Brittiny’s dedication to her clients and willingness to geaux the extra mile makes her a highly sought after realtor in the Louisiana area.  She looks forward to servicing your needs in the greater Baton Rouge and surrounding areas.

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