934: Get HUNDREDS of Real Estate Referrals Annually with CC Underwood

October 19, 2020

Imagine how much better your business would be with hundreds of referrals coming in annually. Even better, imagine closing 100+ referral deals per year. CC Underwood built a real estate referral system that’s helped her accomplish exactly that. On today’s podcast, CC shares how this system works. She even covers the number of touches it takes to maintain it! Plus, CC gives valuable tips for getting referrals from several different sources, including other real estate agents.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • CC’s brief bio [2:48]
  • How coronavirus affected CC’s business [4:19]
  • The value in real estate teams [12:47]
  • CC’s sources for paid leads [15:09]
  • How to close 50+ agent-referred deals per year [16:36]
  • The touches it takes to maintain a referral network [22:49]
  • Reward ideas for past clients [31:59]
  • The best combo for guaranteed touches: voicemail and text [33:44]
  • Topics for real estate video [39:09]
  • Why NOT to get discouraged with low event turnouts [43:19]
  • Real estate event ideas [48:19]
  • How to run giveaways to grow your business [51:05]
  • Tips for tracking and converting giveaway leads [57:59]
  • An important lesson CC learned as a new Realtor [1:02:19]
  • Plus, so much more.

CC Underwood

Watching others succeed has been what has propelled CC Underwood’s growth. She started in real Estate in 2007, grew her team to be one of the top 25 in a board of realtors over 4,000 and now selling over 100 homes per year. As CC’s team grew, she had to put focus on building her leadership skills. Leading the team, teaching her agents as well as others in different cities and states made CC aware of how much she loves training and coaching others.
CC still leads her real estate team without actively selling, though she may help a few throughout the year by choice. Her passion for training has led her to becoming a BOLD Business Coach which is for all business industries and sales professionals that want an in-depth 6 week focused class towards hitting their goals. BOLD Business was created by the number one training company in the world- APS Business Training with Keller Williams Realty. CC is also a Certified ONE Thing Trainer. The #1 Best Seller Book, The ONE Thing, has created huge talk because of the focus it brings to your life both professional and personal. She offers half day presentations and full day workshops to all business industries.

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