815: Break Your Buyer-Lead Addiction with Real Estate Listing Expert Chadi Bazzi

August 9, 2019

Are you spending way too much time and money on buyer leads? If so, you won’t want to miss this podcast with listing expert Chadi Bazzi. On today’s show, Chadi shares exactly how he turns average agents into top listing agents. Discover what really sets successful listing agents apart, ways to instantly build rapport with prospects, and Chadi’s step-by-step system for converting listing leads. Put the skills you learn from this podcast to use and break your addiction to buyer leads for good!


Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • Chadi’s brief bio [2:27]
  • What agents need to understand about expireds [6:10]
  • What neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is [8:53]
  • How to build instant rapport with prospects [11:06]
  • What above-average agents do different [14:38]
  • How to make a great first impression [16:18]
  • Why it’s important to get out of your comfort zone [23:24]
  • Chadi’s step-by-step process for making sales [25:29]
  • The two ways people process information [31:02]
  • The importance of listening to prospects [34:10]
  • Chadi’s Top Listing Agent Coaching [35:46]
  • How to break through your goals.
  • Plus so much more.

Chadi Bazzi

Chadi got into the real estate industry in 1997 when his son was born because he wanted to give him a life full of abundance. However, for the first two years, Chadi  struggled like most agents do, and instead of spending more time with his son, Chadi spent day and night building the business. But he wanted more, Chadi wanted to go beyond his abilities so he moved to California in 1999 to work for the #1 Real Estate company in the world. That is where he got his real life success “college degree.” In 2004, Chadi decided to get back into real estate just to prove to himself and the general public that the skills that he developed is something that anyone can learn, and apply to create massive success very quickly.

 On the first day back, Chadi was able to schedule a listing appointment in less than 24 hours, and got the listing the following day. In addition, he was able to secure about 100k worth of deals in the first 30 days by only taking listings – no buyers at all. Even though, he was getting a lot success in the business, his heart wasn’t completely fulfilled because he wanted to help people create massive success who were struggling just like when he started out in the industry. Due to Chadi’s mastery of skills, he was approached by the new competitor of his previous employer to come in and coach for his company. Instantly, Chadi became the #1 coach for the company and the most in demand one on one coach; never had less than 100 coaching clients at any given time while working there. Moreover, he developed their best real estate sales and marketing training programs, and he trained their internal sales staff.

Again, Chadi didn’t stop there, he was very successful at the company, but he wanted more. Therefore, in 2011, Chadi decided to launch his very own company, Top Listing Agent, to teach people the more authentic way of selling than what was being taught by the competitors. Chadi believes that was the right thing to do for him because he believes in people. Since then, Chadi has launched one of the leading podcast for real estate: Top Listing Agent show. In addition, he has a private facebook community with full of free resources, and he shows up in there every single day answering questions and doing live Q&A. Chadi also developed Listings on Demand that provides real estate agents with the actions steps to develop an unstoppable mindset, and master the art of influence. The ones that are really committed to changing their life will be able to turn their business upside down within 60-90 days of following this training. Chadi is committed to make a difference in your life because he has been through what most agents struggle with and he has taken the action steps to change his life, and he wants to give those to you.

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