How to Use Zillow to Close More Real Estate Deals Annually

January 2, 2017

Have you tried unsuccessfully to use Zillow to bring in additional real estate business and close more real estate deals? If so, recent podcast guest, John Lieber has some useful information that will help you grow your business through the world’s leading online real estate marketplace.

During his recent interview with Pat, John shared the exact steps he personally uses to close 20 real estate deals annually on Zillow. Below is an overview of these steps and the reasons why they’re so effective at bringing in new clients.

You can listen to the entire podcast here.
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Close More Real Estate Deals by Building a Complete Zillow Profile

Before you do anything else on Zillow, you really need to build a complete, professional profile. It’s free, so there’s really no reason to neglect this step. When a potential client compares two agents’ profiles on Zillow, one with a complete profile and the other with just the barebones, the agent with the complete profile is almost guaranteed to get their business.

When buying a new television, would you start your purchasing decision with a well-known, respected brand or a brand you’ve never heard of? When it comes to buyers and sellers starting their search on Zillow for a real estate agent, Lieber points out that the mindset is the same. If you want to use Zillow to close more real estate deals, then don’t make it easy for potential clients to pass you over for someone else by neglecting your professional profile.

Personalize Your Zillow Profile to Close More Real Estate Deals

While working on your professional profile, avoid real estate clichés. Instead of marketing your real estate business the same as 90% of the other agents on Zillow, give your potential clients something real to connect with. While it’s fine to discuss your experience in the industry and your approach to buying and selling homes, don’t avoid mentioning a few personal hobbies or interests as well. Personalizing your Zillow profile goes along way to kickstarting the rapport-building process even before you and the potential buyer or seller speak via phone or in person.

Invest in Zillow Ads to Close More Real Estate Deals

If you want to pick up business through Zillow, you really need to invest enough money to dominate your local market. If you don’t, most potential clients will see your information so infrequently that they simply won’t remember you. After building a complete profile and personalizing your Zillow profile, invest enough money to achieve the 1st or 2nd position on Zillow for the zip codes in your real estate geographic farming area.

Focus on Getting Zillow Reviews

One of the final and most important touches that will help turn your Zillow profile into a powerful lead-generation tool and help you close more real estate deals is the presence of positive Zillow reviews from previous clients. According to Zillow, agent reviews lead to a significantly higher number of contacts. Additionally, those who have high ratings (4-5 stars) have been shown to get nearly twice as many contacts as those with poor or no reviews. While you can request a review at any point, it’s important that you don’t wait too long. For best results, John suggests agents request client reviews shortly after a successful closing.

For more detailed steps you can take to work toward closing 20 annual real estate deals through Zillow, be sure to listen to Pat’s complete podcast interview with John Lieber.

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