968: Earn 6 Figure Commissions as a Land Specialist – Cody Bjugan

April 19, 2021

Instead of earning six figures per year, imagine earning six figures per deal. Today’s guest, Cody Bjugan of VestRight, recently cut one agent a $300,000 commission check just for bringing him a buyer. And this isn’t uncommon for real estate land specialists, a niche that few agents truly understand. Listen in and learn what it takes to close land deals, when to buy land if you’re looking for maximum returns, and more! After listening, don’t forget to claim your free 7-Figure Raw Land Paydays eBook right here.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • About Cody Bjugan [1:53]
  • Why land is a great asset to own [4:59]
  • The best time to buy land for maximum returns [8:19]
  • Why agents often get in the way with land deals [10:03]
  • Raw land explained [17:41]
  • How to do your due diligence on a land deal [19:57]
  • Cody’s land-use application: an important part of the process [23:01]
  • The final step before building can start [24:50]
  • Some of Aaron’s land deals [27:48]
  • A quick summary of Cody’s process for land deals [30:30]
  • The paydays agents can expect for closing big land deals [32:21]
  • Why agents need a niche [34:18]
  • Branding to compete in a unique space [38:18]
  • What you’ll learn in Cody’s course [39:13]
  • The best way to bring value to land deals as an agent [41:48]
  • Where to get 7-Figure Raw Land Paydays for free [44:57]
  • What 2020 taught Cody [46:37]
  • How real wealth is built [50:43]
  • Where to learn more about Cody and VestRight [53:24]

Cody Bjugan

Cody Bjugan is a Real Estate Developer, Builder and Coach/Mentor. His mission is to transform lives through real estate. Over the years, Cody and his team have consistently put together high-return real estate deals. Through all those years, and all those land deals, they have become true experts in this field.

Cody and David Hill formed VestRight which was born out of their passion for two things: real estate and sharing. Over the years, they have become experts in real estate land deals. VestRight was created as a vessel to share that expertise with others.

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