1003: How to Generate FREE Real Estate Leads on YouTube – Cody Steck

November 26, 2021

Are you sick of spending thousands of dollars on low-quality leads? Instead of chasing down prospects, wouldn’t you rather help clients who are already eager to work with you? On today’s podcast, Realtor Cody Steck talks about how he created a free funnel for high-quality leads on YouTube. Listen and learn how to build a channel that brings in serious buyers year round. In addition to video topics, Cody shares several tips so that you can create quality content from day one! After the interview, be sure to get Cody’s complete YouTube course for real estate agents from the Agent Success Toolbox.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • How Cody got into real estate [1:15]
  • Cody’s first year in real estate [3:31]
  • Cody’s first deal [4:27]
  • Transitioning to a new real estate team [6:05]
  • Cody’s sales stats [7:39]
  • How to find an affordable virtual assistant [8:15]
  • The cost (and time) to close a deal on Facebook [10:17]
  • What new agents need to know [14:05]
  • How Cody created a funnel for real estate leads on YouTube [15:14]
  • Where to start with a YouTube real estate channel [16:50]
  • Steps to take before you film your first few videos [17:23]
  • A quick trick for increasing watch time on YouTube [24:45]
  • Why YouTube is an incredible source for serious buyers and sellers [26:13]
  • Utah’s real estate markets right now [29:00]
  • Tips on getting offers accepted in a competitive market [31:57]
  • Cody’s donation to the Toolbox: a full YouTube course [33:21]
  • What agents should do to set themselves apart [34:21]
  • How to reach Cody Steck [35:49]

Cody Steck

Cody had his first taste in Real Estate while shadowing a developer who was building a high end custom home. This sparked an interest and prompted him to look into real estate further. After buying his first home at 21, he realized that it truly was the passion and dove in head first. Cody started his real estate career with an established team and quickly rose to the top of the team as one of the top producing agents. His amibition, work ethic, and passion is clearly visible and allows is something he is proud of. At a young age, Cody realized that customer relations and top notch service is what sets apart an experience from an amazing experience. He has focused his working career to always over deliver to his clients in order to make them happy. Cody truly loves to work, but when he’s not working, you can find him golfing, snowboarding, or travelling. Cody works hard to maintain and live a 100% “no negativity” lifestyle. He feels that positivity, persistence, and hard work is the key to success. Cody is an avid learner, and always looking to expand his knowledge in just about any subject. He loves reading books and articles on real estate, investing, business, finance, and self-development.

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