Real Estate CRM Software: The $2 Million Combination

November 21, 2017

There are various real estate CRM software options out there, and agents are usually able to find one that meets the majority of their needs. Most options do specific things exceptionally well, but nearly all of them lack functionality in certain areas.

Sticking with one CRM solution exclusively could be placing agents at a disadvantage when competing against teams like Chris Craddock’s Redux Realty. Instead of relying on a single CRM software product, Chris’ team leverages the best features from several.

This strategy paid off.

Just two years after opening its doors, Redux Realty had produced over $2 million in GCI. Read on to learn what CRM software combination yielded these results. To hear what else Chris did to put his team on the fast track to success, listen to the podcast below.

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Chris’ Real Estate CRM Software Combination

Chris has tried several different CRM solutions. Not one of them offered everything he needed to make managing customer relations a breeze for his team. By utilizing the best features from the three CRM products below, Redux Realty has maximized their lead conversion rates.


Chris has always been a relationship guy, which is why he believes a comprehensive CRM solution is vital. A big piece of Chris’ CRM solution is Contactually.

When it comes to ease of use and its ability to categorize people effectively, Contactually is unmatched. It’s also extremely reliable for reminders, but Chris wasn’t entirely satisfied with its marketing features.


Many things about Boomtown, including its new app, are great. As a pipeline management tool and for lead generation, it really is one of the best products out there. When teams try to use it as a complete CRM solution, however, it tends to fall apart.

Using Boomtown in conjunction with Contactually provided Chris’ team with nearly all they needed to manage customer relationships better than competitors, but they were still missing one crucial component: a good dialer.

Mojo Dialer

While Mojo Dialer does offer some CRM functionality, it’s not really a full-service CRM solution. Chris’ team relies on Mojo Dialer to call contacts, which is the one thing it does better than any other prospecting system.

Since Boomtown now offers Mojo Dialer integration, Chris was able to get his team’s comprehensive CRM solution up and running without any nasty surprises or clunky workarounds.  

What It Takes to Make Custom CRM Solutions Work

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how good your real estate CRM software is if you don’t have a plan detailing its use. Utilizing two, three, or more CRM options together can work well, but custom CRM solutions require more thought to implement than a single CRM product.

The additional time it takes to get a custom CRM solution working might be worth it.

Redux Realty’s massive success is proof that putting extra effort into your CRM system can pay off. To learn what else it takes to lead a new team to $2 million in GCI in just two years, listen to the complete podcast with Chris Craddock.

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