Convert More Real Estate Leads by Writing Engaging Emails

June 30, 2017

Convert more real estate leads, earn more commissions, and grow your business with a few simple adjustments to your email marketing practices. Steve Jolly, an agent who has perfected the art of email marketing, can explain how. In this post, we explore a few of the ways Steve writes engaging emails with high conversion rates. For additional information on Steve’s email strategies, or for tips on generating leads with other marketing techniques, listen to the podcast below.

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Improve Your Open Rates to Convert More Real Estate Leads

If your open rates are abysmal, it doesn’t matter how great your email content is; no one will ever read it. To ensure your subscribers actually take the time to open your emails, you need to write subject lines that capture their attention. To do this, think about what they want and try to craft a subject line relevant to their interests.

If you market to both buyers and sellers, segmenting your email subscribers is one of the top email marketing tips that will help ensure your subject lines are relevant. To capture readers’ interest, tease them with a benefit they’ll gain by opening your email. Your buyer audience, for instance, could be enticed with a subject line that promises information on new listings in their area.

Deliver Valuable Content with Each and Every Email

Above, we mentioned the importance of offering something subscribers want in subject lines. Now, as you might expect, you’re going to have to deliver. If you don’t deliver what subscribers want and expect, they’re going to feel frustrated, which is the opposite of what you want as their hopeful agent.

When someone reads one of your emails, you want them to feel stimulated and inspired to take action. You make them feel this way with valuable content. To deliver valuable content, focus on things that your audience will truly appreciate. When marketing to sellers, for instance, a brief guide on the home improvements most likely to increase sale price is one example of valuable content.

Convert More Real Estate Leads with Multiple Calls to Action

Without a clear call to action (CTA), conversion chances plummet. After all, the CTA is what prompts potential clients to take action and is one of the keys to converting real estate leads. With real estate email marketing, CTAs typically encourage readers to learn more about the content in question by either calling or emailing an agent. In most cases, there is a single CTA inserted near the end of the message.

To improve your conversion chances, consider including multiple CTAs in your marketing emails. Not only will this give you multiple chances to inspire action from readers, this will give you a chance to target multiple types of potential clients within a single subscriber segment. In an email targeting potential home buyers, for instance, utilizing multiple CTAs will allow you to reach people in various stages of the buying process. One CTA could inspire those who are ready to buy to give you a call. Another CTA in the same message could encourage those earlier in the buying process to have a look at the new listings located on your website.

If you want additional information about the ways to convert more real estate leads with effective email marketing, be sure to listen to the complete podcast interview with Steve Jolly.

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