1007: Earn Six Figures Your First Year in Real Estate – Courtney Atkinson

December 13, 2021

Running a real estate business isn’t as hard as many new agents seem to think. If you have a proven process in place, simply sticking with it is often all it takes to succeed. On today’s podcast, real estate veteran Courtney Atkinson shares the scripts and systems he followed to build a six-figure business in no time. Plus, he describes his team’s onboarding process for new agents, the best source for inexpensive leads, and the three things you need to win big in real estate.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • How real estate differs in Canada [1:20]
  • Why Courtney got into real estate [2:26]
  • One of the coolest things about real estate [5:33]
  • Shifting away from the scarcity mindset [6:21]
  • What it really takes to build a business [8:58]
  • Advice on building a real estate team [12:41]
  • A way to earn $100,000 your first year in real estate [14:45]
  • Courtney’s simple script for circle prospecting [17:50]
  • Courtney’s sales stats [19:25]
  • How the Atkinson Team recruits and trains new agents [22:24]
  • Where Courtney’s agents get their deals [25:41]
  • Why Courtney doesn’t run paid ads on Facebook or Instagram [27:33]
  • What you need to succeed in real estate [29:26]
  • Appreciating the value of $1 [32:50]
  • Courtney’s favorite real estate CRM [34:52]
  • Real estate market predictions [36:00]
  • The three things you need to win big in real estate [42:20]
  • Where to follow Courtney Atkinson [45:20]

Courtney Atkinson

Courtney is proud to lead the #1 producing real estate team in Southern Alberta. With offices in Lethbridge and Medicine Hat, his Team of over 50 is in a position to serve, at the highest level, from the SK & BC borders, and from the US border to Claresholm. They sell over 500 properties per year with over $125 million in annual sales.

But it wasn’t always this way… Back in the day Courtney attended Mount Allison University where he completed a BA in English and History. Not sure what to do with his newly minted degree Courtney started selling cars. He was terrible. He decided to get it together and do an MBA with the goal of one day owning a car dealership.

To do that Courtney moved to Saskatoon to go to the University of Saskatchewan where he completed an MBA. At that time, he also worked in Small Business Banking with CIBC. Finally, he felt like he was in a groove and on the right track.

But then Courtney got sidetracked from a career in Finance when he accepted a role with the University of Lethbridge as a Manager in the Registrar’s Office. He later took a position as a Manager in HR where he created the Office of Faculty Recruitment. This was cool, but it wasn’t his passion. While these were great jobs, Courtney was feeling pretty unsure about his life’s trajectory. Unsure what to do, he began interviewing happy people…

Courtney knew some Realtors who seemed happy and fulfilled so he eventually decided to pursue a career in Real Estate. This helped him combine his customer service background, his business education, and his desire to see more direct outcomes in his client relationships. It also helped him become the leader he was looking for but had not yet found.

When Courtney began his career in real estate, he started as a Buyer Specialist. By his second year in real estate, he had become a top agent. Although he didn’t know what I was doing, he felt was time to form his own Team. Courtney immediately hired a Buyer Specialist and an Office Administrator to support his client’s needs. Since then, Courtney hired dozens of key people and the business continues to grow dramatically each and every year.

Over the past 2 years Courtney built a small Coaching business where he works with 20 Top Producing Agents and Team Leaders, he is passionate about helping Realtors live bigger lives by first BE-ing their best, secondly DO-ing their best, so that they can HAVE the lives they deserve!

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