Create Killer Real Estate Landing Pages With These 5 Landing Page Tips

March 14, 2017

With the right landing page tips at your disposal, creating killer real estate landing pages is a lot easier than you might think. Many tech-savvy agents, like recent podcast guest Bo Apele, have had incredible success with their real estate lead capture landing pages. Agents like Bo have found that pairing killer landing pages with a well-planned marketing funnel can even generate better leads than those sold by and Zillow!

Read the 5 landing page tips below to find out how you can improve your real estate landing pages and take back your real estate leads like Bo Apele! Also, be sure to listen to the complete podcast interview to learn more about how he managed to win big by investing less in and Zillow to put more into his own system.

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Keep Your Real Estate Landing Pages Simple

Real estate landing pages don’t need to be complicated. In fact, landing pages tend to capture leads more effectively when they provide visitors with a simple, to-the-point experience. While it might seem strange at first to leave your landing page relatively bare, remember that less really is more when it comes to landing-page design.

Sell the Value of Signing Up

If you don’t sell your visitors on the value of providing you with their information, your lead generation capabilities will suffer. While you do want to avoid clutter and an overly wordy sales pitch, you don’t want to ignore the fact that your visitors need a reason to give you their information. Offering free market information, home-buyer tips, or similar lead magnets will give visitors a good reason to complete your capture form.

Create Mobile-Friendly Real Estate Landing Pages

According to SimilarWeb’s report on the state of mobile web usage, mobile devices accounted for approximately 56 percent of consumer traffic to leading US-based websites in 2015. In 2017 and beyond, there’s little doubt that mobile browsing will continue to grow in popularity. Knowing this, you need to do everything in your power to ensure that your mobile users are presented with a clean, responsive design interface on all of your pages.

Remove Navigation Links From Real Estate Landing Pages

If your real estate landing pages contain links to other parts of your website, you’re not doing yourself any favors. Removing these links is one of the best practices for real estate landing pages as they reduce lead generation chances. So, be sure to remove these links from your landing pages to increase the likelihood of capturing leads.

Create Multiple Real Estate Lead Capture Landing Pages

Of all the landing page tips for real estate agents, this is probably the most powerful one. Too many agents limit themselves to one website and one landing page, and they miss out on valuable leads as a result. You, too, might be limiting your lead generation potential significantly if you only have a single real estate landing page. With multiple real estate landing pages, you can target different types of prospects more effectively to increase your lead capture and lead conversion rates.

If you want to learn more about building killer real estate landing pages and generating more of your own leads, be sure to listen to the complete podcast interview with Bo Apele.

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