944: RERR Highlights – The Best Real Estate Podcast Clips of December 2020

January 4, 2021

We’re closing the book on 2020 and preparing to optimistically open a new chapter with 2021. But before we do, let’s look back on the great guests we had last month on Real Estate Rockstars. First, former Miss Nevada Lisa Song Sutton shared her thoughts on business diversification. BiggerPockets co-host David Greene returned to discuss new agents’ greatest weakness and how he generates high-quality, high-converting real estate leads for free. Kimberly Tocco described how she overcame great personal tragedy to do something special for first-time homebuyers. And finally, Kelly Skeval joined us for 2020’s last State of the Market to offer predictions for real estate in 2021. Catch all of their greatest moments right here on this special highlight episode!

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • Advice for new real estate agents [01:03]
  • Thoughts on business diversification [2:19]
  • The best way to win real estate business right now [4:00]
  • Biden selects Marcia Fudge to lead HUD [5:34]
  • Will Biden help or hurt real estate? [6:35]
  • Experts bullish on real estate market [9:34]
  • Advice on giving an online listing presentation [10:24]
  • David’s Approach to lead gen and follow-up [12:10]
  • THE book for new real estate agents [14:45]
  • New agents and the W-2 Mindset [16:30]
  • The moment Kimberly discovered her purpose [18:53]
  • How a no-quit attitude made Kimberly Rookie of the Year [20:12]
  • Building a real estate business on the basis of giving back [21:31]
  • How Kelly made 2020 her best year in real estate [25:23]
  • Kelly and Aaron discuss rental stimulus from a landlord’s POV [26:55]
  • Kelly’s predictions for real estate in 2021 [28:16]
  • Aaron’s final thoughts on 2020 and optimism for 2021 [29:02]

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