992: Unconventional Sales Strategies: How Don Wenner Made $250K His 1st Year in Real Estate

September 27, 2021

Don Wenner’s unconventional sales strategies helped him earn over $250K in commissions his very first year in real estate. On today’s podcast, we discuss what Don did to sell and scale at an elite level. We also discuss Don’s book, Building an Elite Organization, and some of the tips he has for career-minded agents who are ready to start building a strong real estate team. Tune in and hear how Don went from agent, to investor, to president of a high-growth, high-profit business.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • About Don Wenner [0:58]
  • About DLP Capital [3:44]
  • Don’s start in real estate [4:30]
  • The guarantee worth $250,000 in commissions [6:24]
  • A trick for more success with door-to-door sales [8:10]
  • The value of mastermind conferences [12:13]
  • The free craigslist strategy that helped Don’s business boom [14:20]
  • Don’s advice for new real estate agents [16:38]
  • Why buyer’s agents should charge buyer clients [19:59]
  • Don’s tips on hiring [32:27]
  • One of Don’s biggest deals: $585 million [38:03]
  • Where to learn more about Don and his book [39:02]

Don Wenner

Don Wenner is the Founder & CEO of DLP Real Estate Capital, a leader in the residential real estate sectors of investment management, lending, asset management, property management, construction, home building, and brokerage.

Don is a master of scaling high growth high-profit entrepreneurial companies. DLP has been ranked in the Inc. 5000 fastest growing companies in the U.S. for 8 consecutive years and has been named by The Wall Street Journal as one of the top 15 real estate firms in the U.S. for the fifth straight year.

Since DLP’s founding in 2006, Don has closed more than 16,000 real estate transactions totaling more than $4 billion. He has built a successful track record of generating consistent profits in all market conditions and cycles. With over $1 billion in assets under management, DLP’s portfolio includes ownership of more than 12,000 apartments and homes.

Don grew up Bethlehem PA, attended Drexel University, and resides in St. Augustine, FL with his wife and two sons. In addition to his passions for scaling businesses, investing in housing, and personal productivity and growth, Don’s passions revolve around family, faith, fitness/health, devouring books, traveling, and spending time outdoors hiking, biking, kayaking, running, playing basketball, tennis, and coaching his boys basketball and football teams.

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