How to Double Your Real Estate Commissions in Ten Steps

August 2, 2016

Would doubling your real estate commissions by next year help improve your life both personally and professionally? If you answered “Yes,” then take a look below at the list of ten steps real estate agents can take to double their real estate commissions by next year.

The list of ten action steps was provided by sales training expert Steve Sanduski in his podcast interview with Pat. Steve Sanduski has over 20 years of experience growing companies by multiples. Among his many accomplishments, he is a New York Times bestselling author, a WSJ #1 bestselling author, a business coach and host of the Between Now and Success podcast.

10 Things That Real Estate Agents Can Do to Double Real Estate Commissions

Below we share Steve’s list of how to double your real estate commissions in ten steps. Make sure to listen to this Real Estate Rockstar podcast interview as Steve explains each step in detail and how you put these steps in action to grow your real estate profits and improve your personal and professional life.

Combine these sales tips with the info from Pat’s Certified Listings Agent course and you’ll be on your way to earning more commissions in real estate in no time!

  1. Go hard 4-6 seconds from point A to B with relentless effort.
  2. Compile and utilize a playbook for success.
  3. Practice, Practice, Practice.
  4. Fire yourself and rehire yourself once a year.
  5. Make yourself less important to the business to make your business more valuable.
  6. Never do anything just once.
  7. Answer the question, “Why should I choose you?”
  8. Run your business and live your life fearlessly.
  9. If you’re not happy with your sales results, take a look at who you are hanging out with.
  10. ABC – Always be curious.

After you start using the actionable advice in the ten steps and start seeing your real estate commissions grow, make sure to come back and share your success stories with us here on this blog post or social media. Listen to Steve’s podcast interview here.

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