991: Stay Top of Mind and at the Top of Your Market: Erica Wolfe

September 20, 2021

Known in Jupiter, Florida as “The Wolfe of Real Estate,” Erica Wolfe knows a thing or two about staying in the spotlight. On today’s podcast, Erica outlines the strategies she uses to stay top of mind and at the top of her highly competitive market. Listen in and learn where to find new contacts, how to turn them into clients, and what it takes to scale with a team. Plus, Erica shares several other can’t-miss tips, including a simple trick for winning business with mailers in 2021.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • About Erica Wolfe [2:11]
  • Typical sale prices in Jupiter, Florida [5:18]
  • Erica’s advice for young real estate agents [5:56]
  • Erica’s secret source for investor clients [13:22]
  • How drastically real estate appreciated in just one year [14:41]
  • The Wolfe Real Estate Team [18:06]
  • A simple trick for converting more sign calls [20:07]
  • The benefits of running a hyperlocal real estate business [23:19]
  • How Erica gets her listings [25:57]
  • How to win business with mailers [26:47]
  • A trick for staying top of mind all of the time [28:32]
  • Where Erica runs most of her ads [30:37]
  • How to get more views on real estate videos [32:56]
  • Why you don’t need brochures in 2021 [34:59]
  • Where to learn what you need to succeed in real estate [37:05]
  • How to find more from Erica Wolfe [40:39]

Erica Wolfe

No one knows their way around Jupiter, Florida like native resident and Realtor Erica Gouldy Wolfe. She’s been up and down just about every street of this charming, 24-square mile waterfront town. Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly gated neighborhood, a private little bungalow surrounded by nature, or a spacious retreat on the water, Erica and her team of relentless agents won’t rest until you’ve walked inside the home that gives you All The Feels. By the time you move in, you’ll already have a list of the best happy hour spots, playgrounds, and boutiques to explore.

And when it comes to helping you sell? This team of overachievers has been known to break a few records for selling homes within hours and getting multiple offers above asking.

As the leader of the pack at The Wolfe Team @ eXp Realty, Erica has taken customer service and modern real estate marketing to a whole new level. They don’t do “basic” at The Wolfe Team. She’s not afraid to think outside the box when it comes to helping you buy or sell your home.

From creating custom videos for many of the homes they list, to hiring a world-class team of photographers, stagers, videographers, and social media experts, they “go big” so that at the end of your time together, you get to go home to a place that feeds your soul. (You can binge-watch their custom home videos by searching #WolfeOfRealEstate on all of the social platforms – some say it’s more addictive than HGTV!).

Erica and her team are proud to be a top-producing team in Palm Beach County. Her business is built mostly on referrals, which is truly the highest compliment she can receive. Erica is also a wife, mom, and lover of the great outdoors, happy hours, and beach days.

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