1076: Empower Your Team and Never Lose Another Agent! – Francie Malina

August 29, 2022

Looking for tips on running a real estate team? If so, you won’t want to miss today’s podcast with Francie Malina. Just last year, Francie’s award-winning team sold the most homes in their county. That’s an impressive accomplishment for any team leader, but what’s more impressive is the fact that she’s never lost an agent. Listen and learn how to empower your team so that you and your agents can take on the competition together for years to come!

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • About Francie Malina [3:44]
  • About the Westchester real estate market [4:58]
  • The inverse relationship between purchase price and taxes [7:54]
  • The benefits of buying over renting [9:11]
  • Francie’s philosophy on agent accountability [10:09]
  • Francie’s client-contact challenge [12:35]
  • A handy app for busy real estate agents: Slydial [14:05]
  • Why calling clients often isn’t the best option [16:54]
  • Tips on running a real estate team [19:20]
  • How running a real estate team can help improve your work-life balance [24:44]
  • Sage advice for real estate rookies [26:17]
  • The right time to start a real estate team [27:16]
  • Identifying the right agents when hiring for your team [28:46]
  • Opinions on where the real estate market is headed [31:30]
  • Why real estate isn’t just about the numbers [35:50]
  • Tips for staying top of mind and authentic [37:43]
  • Francie’s free download for listeners [42:19]
  • Where to find and follow Francie Malina [44:31]

Francie Malina

Francie Malina is more than an award-winning, top-producing agent, she’s a powerful force in the Westchester market and a highly sought-after industry thought leader.

As the No. 1 agent in the Rivertowns and consistently ranked among the top 5 in all of Westchester County, Francie brings unparalleled energy, knowledge, commitment and professionalism to everything she does. Her list of awards is impressive, but as her numerous, glowing client testimonials make clear, her reputation for honesty and integrity is far more important. As the leader of The Francie Malina Team, she insists on making client satisfaction the group’s highest priority and espouses a simple but compelling philosophy — professional, hassle-free service with a smile. Francie provides every buyer and seller with the same exceptional attention and loyalty that she expects when hiring a professional.

Francie is also a formidable industry presence and dynamic presenter with a nationwide reputation for her expertise and insights. Through her involvement as a Women of Compass Westchester Leader, Co-Founder of the Women of Compass Clubhouse and a Founding Member of Realm Global, a worldwide luxury real estate think tank, Francie keeps her finger on the pulse of issues affecting the market.

A successful Westchester realtor since 2010 and an active resident of the Rivertowns for over 28 years, Francie’s comprehensive knowledge of the market and all things Westchester gives her clients a tremendous advantage. Moreover, the financial savvy she gained through years at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York makes her a uniquely qualified partner and collaborator for buyers and sellers throughout the Rivertowns of Hastings, Dobbs Ferry, Irvington, Tarrytown, Sleepy Hollow and Ardsley.

Originally from Connecticut, Francie earned a bachelor’s degree in managerial economics from Union College and attended the NYU Stern School of Business. Married with two children, she transitioned from New York City to the Rivertowns in 1992 and has immersed herself in community life ever since. In her free time, Francie enjoys skiing, hiking and spending quality time with her family.

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