GoBundance Special: Redneck Resilience with James Webb

October 19, 2021

Want to succeed in a competitive field like real estate? You can’t give in, and you can’t give up. You need resilience. In this GoBundance special, James Webb shares how a poor boy from Mississippi became a titan of business. Tune in and hear how James overcame some of life’s biggest challenges by never throwing in the towel. Apply these same lessons to your real estate business and see how powerful―and profound―something as simple as “redneck resilience” really is.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • Traits that shaped James’ path [6:16]
  • James’ background: What “redneck resilience” looks like [7:03]
  • Redneck redemption: When James’ persistence paid off [37:25]
  • Overcoming two of life’s worst curveballs [40:10]
  • Lessons to live by [51:55]
  • James’ book, Redneck Resilience [55:51]

James Webb

James’ storied career started as a radiologic technologist in his home state of Mississippi. After moving to Dallas in 1983, he began working as the Director of Radiology at a local hospital and, for the next 13 years, worked on the executive team for various medical imaging companies. In 1996, Webb started his first of several companies and became a key leader in the industry. After more than 40 years in the medical field, he turned his focus to the fitness sector, becoming one of the largest OrangeTheory franchises in the country. James owned and oversaw the management of 33 OrangeTheory Fitness franchises throughout NorthTexas. His most recent endeavor includes an agreement to develop, and open, at least 18 BeBalanced Centers throughout Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth and Houston.

James attributes a majority of his success to the relationships – both personal and professional – that have inspired and motivated him to achieve greater things. James is an alum of Jones County Junior College where he received his radiologic certification and William Carey University where he earned a degree in Radiology and Business. He continued his education at the University of North Texas receiving a Master of Science with an emphasis in Business and Health Administration.

James lives in Frisco, Texas with his wife, Cathy, and together, they have five children, Elizabeth, Max, Joey, Kristen and Carly and four grandchildren.

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