Develop Habits of Highly Successful Real Estate Agents

December 15, 2017

Shon Kokoszka helps average agents develop the habits of highly successful real estate agents; that’s his job and his passion. Over time, the average agents he coaches turn good practices into good habits. Soon after, they’re making more sales and more money than ever.

Is that really so surprising?

Shon doesn’t think so. In fact, one of his favorite quotes, attributed to Australian actor F.M. Alexander, is this: “People do not decide their futures. They decide their habits, and their habits decide their futures.”

During his podcast interview, Shon explained how agents can identify and develop the habits necessary to ensure large-scale success is a part of their future. Don’t miss the interview in its entirety below.

To learn more about how Shon’s system for developing good habits works, read on.

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Shon’s System for Building Good Business Habits: ETA

Shon calls his system for building good business habits ETA, which stands for expectation, targets, and actions. Unlike other goal-setting systems, Shon’s system gives agents the tools needed to identify what they want as well as how to get it.

Here’s a breakdown on how it works:

1. The agent sets an expectation

To start, the agent will set an expectation. As an example, this could be the number of transactions the agent expects to close in the coming year – perhaps a number 30-50% higher than closed the year prior.

Remember: setting high expectations is a good thing because it pushes you to achieve more. However, you don’t want to set expectations so high that they’re impossible to meet.

2. The agent identifies targets

After setting an expectation, the agent will identify multiple targets that will help them meet it. Targets are essentially interim expectations; they help agents work toward their ultimate expectation by ensuring they make measurable progress.

One example of a target that ties in with the expectation of closing more transactions is getting more listings. Hitting this target places the agent closer to meeting their expectation.

3. The agent specifies actions

Finally, the agent must specify actions that will allow them to hit their targets. For each target, the agent should come up with 3-5 actions.

To hit the target of getting more listings, the following actions would be acceptable:

  • Call 20 contacts daily during the work week
  • Conduct two circle-prospecting sessions per week
  • Go door knocking in real estate farms once per month

After a period of consistently completing specific business-building actions, the agent will hit their targets and will likely meet their expectation as well.

More importantly, they’ll build habits associated with highly successful real estate agents and continue to grow their business year after year.

Learn More About Habits of Highly Successful Real Estate Agents

If you want to learn more about the ETA system for building better business habits, listen to the complete podcast with Shon Kokoszka. To find out which habits are common to industry leaders, read 10 Traits Top Real Estate Agents Share: Habits for Long-Term Success.

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