993: Why One-Dimensional Agents Will NEVER Get Ahead – Matt Chick and Jeremy Fuhst

September 30, 2021

Traditional Realtors help clients get ahead but get left behind in the process. In this controversial interview with Matt Chick and Jeremy Fuhst of Impact Real Estate, we discuss why the old-school approach to sales is the wrong way to succeed in 2021 and beyond. Hear how to stop leaving money on the table with Matt’s unconventional—but highly profitable—take on the listing appointment. Plus, if you pay close attention, you’ll find out exactly how much host Aaron Amuchastegui pays to have his couch cleaned.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • About Jeremy, Matt, and Impact Real Estate [2:14]
  • Aaron’s experience with and recovery from COVID-19 [4:40]
  • An agent loses $750,000 listing due to vaccination status [6:52]
  • Why agents don’t have to pivot on who they are to win business [7:51]
  • Impact Real Estate’s sales and profit figures [12:25]
  • Why one-dimensional agents are falling behind [12:54]
  • Where Impact Real Estate agents get their leads [14:41]
  • An impactful outburst [15:47]
  • The four-square sales strategy for real estate agents [19:00]
  • A fast, easy way to become an agent-investor hybrid [20:09]
  • Matt’s first wholesale deal and how it changed his listing presentation [22:07]
  • Jeremy’s first year in real estate and how he partnered with Matt [28:20]
  • Matt and Jeremy take over the podcast with shameless self-promotion [30:04]
  • What all new agents need to hear [34:37]
  • How much Aaron pays to have his couch cleaned [37:32]
  • How to succeed at real estate by leaning into your strengths [40:24]
  • Matt’s advice for new real estate agents [43:48]
  • The best way to enhance your real estate skillset [47:45]
  • Aaron reacts to negative reviews [53:08]
  • Where to find more from Matt and Jeremy [56:46]

Matt Chick

When Matt got into real estate in 2017, he set out on a mission to find a top team that he could join to get the information that he needs to be a successful agent. The truth is he was much underwhelmed with the teams and what they offered.

Most teams focused on what Matt could do for them rather than how they could help him change his life. See, Matt was coming from a general manager role in the car business where he was managing 4 dealerships and 55 employees at any given time making decent money.

Matt got into real estate because his wife was putting a ton of pressure on him because he was not around enough. They had two boys at the time named Braden and Maddox and their third child Braylin was on the way. She had made a statement to Matt that changed his life and that was “I have raised two kids without you and don’t want to do it with a third.”

Jeremy Fuhst

His passion: People. Jeremy may sling real estate daily but the true intent is to connect with people. Whether its helping and pushing his teammates to achieve the goals they set or coaching other agents he is 100% on board.

In 2020, Jeremy 4x his business leveraging social media in ways most don’t. He’ll end the year with 15m in sales using organic ways to reach clients and gain referrals. Without spending a dime on advertising.

In 2021, his goal is to help 100 other agents do the same thing he was able to accomplish.

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