700: Win Listings Wearing Flip Flops and a T-Shirt with James Like

September 7, 2018

Sick of putting on your best suit for a listing appointment only to walk away empty handed? Realtor James Like has a suggestion for you: stop trying so hard to impress potential clients. For years, James has gone to listing appointments wearing his favorite fishing shirt and a pair of flip flops, and he claims it helps business rather than hurting it. Don’t believe him? Well, in the last 12 months, his team has sold 150 homes, so he’s obviously doing something right. Catch today’s podcast to learn more about James’ approach to real estate, including some awesome strategies for getting new contacts and staying in touch with past clients.

james like

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • James’ brief bio [2:41]
  • The number of homes James’ team sold in the last 12 months [4:00]
  • James’ GCI and profit figures [5:33]
  • Why James joined Keller Williams [7:46]
  • How James gets real estate referrals [11:53]
  • Ways to meet new prospects [17:35]
  • James’ strategies for staying in touch [22:58]
  • How wearing flip flops helps James get listings [26:00]
  • James’ methods for amassing wealth [29:25]
  • Predictions on the next downturn [32:10]
  • Technology recommendations for real estate teams [35:09]
  • James’ strategy for selling as many homes as possible in six months [37:59]
  • James’ donation to the Agent Success Toolbox [39:20]
  • How to break through your goals.
  • Plus so much more.

James Like

James Like has been full time in the business since 2006. Before that, he owned and managed properties since 2000. Being a young guy, James has a lot of real estate experience. His knowledge and negotiation skills are second to none. James has a degree in Business with a Marketing minor. This marketing niche has enabled him to be at a different level than most agents when marketing and selling homes. That being said, James is no car salesman, and don’t like to push clients into buying or selling something they don’t want to. He is a family man. James loves his wife Jessi and daughters Jayden, Jazzlyn, and Juliana more than anything in this world. In his free time, James invests in real estate, volunteer with his church, and travel the world helping the less fortunate. James has been to several different countries including Haiti, Panama, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Jamaica, and Ireland.

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