938: Small Changes, BIG Results: Multifamily Millionaire Jamie Gruber

November 23, 2020

Are daily habits dragging you down? A few small changes might make a major difference down the line. Today’s guest, Jamie Gruber, is a big believer in the power of positive habits. After all, they helped him acquire over 40 doors while holding a full-time job. Tune in and discover what habits had the greatest impact on his success in real estate. You’ll also hear what Jamie looks for in a multifamily property, one simple trick for staying positive, and more.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • About Jamie Gruber [1:04]
  • About GoBundance [1:49]
  • Jamie’s journey to 42 doors [8:08]
  • The first multifamily property Jamie bought [10:49]
  • What Jamie looks for in a multifamily investment [14:54]
  • Doubling down on habits during lockdown [18:07]
  • Small habits that generate BIG results [20:33]
  • The key to positivity [24:09]
  • What makes a mastermind powerful [27:14]
  • Aaron’s first GoBundance event [30:49]
  • A goal-setting group you can join right now [32:31]
  • Plus, so much more.

Jamie Gruber

Jamie Gruber has 20 years experience in the auto claims industry as an Adjuster, Supervisor, Manager and Director overseeing a very large organization. He has led all functional areas in auto claims.

Jamie is a Multifamily investor in Michigan. He currently has 21 units and is under contract on more. Jamie and his partner run CF Asset Group and the associated fund. They also run the Multifamily and More meetup group with branches in 7 cities around the country. Jamie’s passion is in networking and he loves bringing content and high level people into his life and to his community.

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-Aaron Amuchastegui

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