951: RERR Highlights – The Best Real Estate Podcast Clips of January 2021

February 4, 2021

It’s a brand-new year, along with new opportunities and new challenges in the real estate sphere. Last month, we brought in several of 2020’s most successful Realtors to get their take on what agents must do to thrive during the global pandemic. We also interviewed Trevor Mauch, the CEO of Carrot, to take a look at trending real estate searches and what they say about today’s savvy consumers. Catch this special highlight episode and catch up on the strategies you’ll need to build a bigger, better real estate business in 2021.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • An introduction to house hacking  [2:06]
  • How to target your niche [3:32] 
  • The steps to take when prepping a business for sale [6:16]
  • How to position your business to succeed in 2021 [7:09]
  • Democrats win two senate seats in Georgia [9:16]
  • 8 ways the Biden tax plan may impact real estate [10:17]
  • The perfect storm for real estate searches [13:35]
  • What you need on your real estate website [14:23]
  • How to get the best real estate testimonials [15:51]
  • How to make working from home work for you [21:26]
  • Tips for virtual showings [22:32]
  • Advice for real estate agents in 2021 – Be adaptable [23:55]
  • Advice on building a lead funnel [25:02]
  • Why commercial real estate will make a major recovery [28:39]
  • Ari’s prediction on retail recovery [28:39]

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