971: Learn the Language of Real Estate Sales with Jas Takhar

May 3, 2021

Learning how to sell is a lot like learning another language. That’s what Jas Takhar, the owner of Canada’s #1 real estate team, came to realize in his 25+ years of sales experience. On today’s podcast, we discuss what Jas believes to be the best way to find fast success in sales: immersion. Jas’ unconventional strategies helped him attain top-tier sales skills, and he shares those along with several hard-learned lessons from his days as a new agent. After that, we talk team building and business scaling to give listeners all of the tools needed to turn real estate into a successful lifelong career.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • About Jas Takhar [1:11]
  • Lockdowns continue in Toronto [3:46]
  • Toronto’s limited real estate supply [5:18]
  • The only real estate in Toronto that dipped in value [9:06]
  • Jas’ team and their sales stats [12:06]
  • Why Jas got into real estate [15:21]
  • The best way to learn sales skills [16:31]
  • Jas’ first year in real estate [19:32]
  • What Jas wishes he did as a new real estate agent [22:25]
  • The best way to learn the language of sales: immersion [24:00]
  • The brilliance of Elon Musk [26:55]
  • Why building a team is a lot like babysitting [28:55]
  • Jas’ strategy for scaling sales with content [30:30]
  • How to bring value to your database with 50 touches per year [35:00]
  • Where to learn more about Jas [37:50]

Jas Takhar

Toronto native, Jas Takhar, has been in the sales and service industry for over 25 years. Soon after deciding to try his hand in real estate, he co-founded the REC, and in the course of 15 years, has successfully propelled his team to the 1st place position in Canada under Royal LePage.

With 25 realtors and 10 support staff, the team advises and assists over 700 buyers, sellers and investors, yearly, across the Greater Toronto Area, resulting in a total of over $1.5B in transactions. Jas’ area of expertise is in helping investors build out their real estate portfolios. Wanting to share his knowledge and experience with the masses, he wrote a book titled Real Estate Intelligence, which teaches others how to buy or sell real estate on their own.

Furthering his pursuit to educate and motivate, he now hosts one of the top business podcasts in the country, the REC Experience; here he interviews guests who share their success stories on real estate investing, entrepreneurship and leadership. He also hosts a daily Instagram Live show called “Nite Cap with Jas” where he answers his follower’s most frequently asked questions. His hope is to provide inspiring content to aid others in removing the friction for their own life, in order to help them get from where they are to where they want to be.

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