946: How to Build and Sell a Real Estate Business in 5 Years with Jay Bourgana

January 11, 2021

Have you considered selling your real estate business but aren’t sure where to start? Today’s guest, Jay Bourgana, can help. He built and sold a profitable real estate business in just five years and joins us to share what it took. Plus, Jay explains how to valuate your business, how to increase its value, and then outlines the specific steps to take when prepping to sell. Listen in and learn exactly what it’ll take to get your real estate business sold.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • About Jay Bourgana [2:42]
  • Real estate as a business, not a job [5:13]
  • Jay’s first real estate job and first deal [7:19]
  • Becoming a first-year listing agent [13:18]
  • Jay’s advice for brand-new agents [14:15]
  • How Jay grew and sold his first real estate business [17:30]
  • How to valuate a real estate business [21:31]
  • The steps to take when prepping a business for sale [24:52]
  • Three things Jay looks for in a new agent hire [28:35]
  • Why to sell a real estate business [32:38]
  • How to position your real estate business to succeed in 2021 [36:03]
  • Plus so much more.

Jay Bourgana

Before starting in real estate sales, Jay worked in various corporate roles including marketing and business consulting. Jay graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and openly admits that he owes much of his success to standing on the shoulders of giants (his mentors) and humble implementation. While Jay loves the real estate business, his true inspiration is his family – Jay and his wife Jennifer have two young children who keep them on their toes (Isabel and Jack).

Skilled in marketing and certified as a Negotiation Expert, Jay brings the knowledge and expertise necessary to help homeowners consistently sell their homes for more. His website Homearly.com ranks on the 1st page of Google for Orange County and attracts hundreds of thousands of views annually through the use of direct response and search engine marketing, as well as social media. This has enabled him to build an active database of over 4,000 buyers that are looking for homes throughout Orange County.

This aggressive approach to internet marketing represents just one segment of his 120 point home selling process that has sold his clients’ homes for up to 18% more than neighborhood averages.

As an investor and financial strategist, Jay is experienced in working with CPAs, financial planners, and legal advisors to create integrated solutions that serve his clients’ long-range financial goals.

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-Aaron Amuchastegui

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