890: The Script-Free Way to Succeed in Sales: Authenticity with Jeff Latham

March 11, 2020

Sick of using scripts to sell potential clients on you and your real estate business? There’s another way. On today’s podcast with Jeff Latham, we discuss why being authentic is a better alternative to being salesy with scripts. Jeff outlines his approach to winning clients – a strategy that helped Latham Realty Unlimited do 180 transactions just last year. Plus, Jeff gives his take on working as a Realtor during the financial crisis, offers advice to new real estate agents, and more.

Jeff Latham2

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • About Jeff Latham [3:58]
  • Jeff’s experience as a Realtor during the 2008 crash [7:42]
  • Why working on yourself is so important [12:08]
  • Jeff’s take on masterminds, self-development, and goals [14:06]
  • Jeff’s advice to new real estate agents and investors [19:04]
  • Consumers’ need for authentic agents [21:11]
  • Ancillary businesses that help Jeff solve clients’ problems [25:47]
  • Jeff’s sales stats [27:17]
  • Jeff’s advice on building a business [27:54]
  • How to break through your goals.
  • Plus so much more.

Jeff Latham

Jeff Latham is a mega producing agent and founder of Latham Realty Unlimited, a successful real estate brokerage selling over 300 units a year in Washington state. Jeff is also the co-founder of Latham Coaching Unlimited and The Freedom Evolution, which trains mega-producing agents and mortgage brokers how to develop the best version of themselves, increase their income and systematize their business while working fewer hours.

Jeff and his team has over fourteen year of experience and they attract 1000’s of home buyers monthly, they have more than 21000 unique home buyers who have contacted their team looking for homes in Washington. Jeff and his team has helped over 1,000 buyers and sellers achieve their real estate goals. They have a unique marketing plan for home sellers where they attract home buyers from their marketing on Radio and internet marketing. They also have a unique technology where they can instantly see which buyers would be interested in a particular home based on their current search criteria and behavior. They advertise on Radio and everywhere possible.

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