1047: Closing Deals for Real Estate Developers With Jessica Peters

May 19, 2022

What does it take to become a builder’s broker of choice? On today’s podcast with Jessica Peters, we discuss the steps she took to start closing deals for real estate developers in Brooklyn. Jessica also shares how working with developers differs from working with the average seller, what listing agents want to see in an offer right now, and why good Realtors will be fine even in a bad housing market.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • About Jessica Peters’ real estate business [3:55]
  • What the NYC real estate market is like right now [4:41]
  • Working development deals in New York City [6:28]
  • How to get into real estate development [7:13]
  • Jessica’s first year in real estate [9:11]
  • Jessica’s systems for success in various aspects of her business [10:08]
  • A simple tip for getting more sales from open houses [11:54]
  • Jessica’s advice for new real estate agents [13:06]
  • What makes working with developers different from working with sellers [14:27]
  • Jessica’s favorite phone app for simplifying real estate transactions [17:33]
  • Why getting fired was one of the best things for Jessica’s real estate career [19:22]
  • How long it takes to start generating referrals consistently [21:41]
  • Why agents shouldn’t take things personally [24:45]
  • What Jessica learned about her business through the pandemic [27:02]
  • Advice on leading a real estate team [29:54]
  • The value of surrounding yourself with the right people [32:02]
  • Jessica’s sales figures [33:35]
  • How to support your real estate agents [34:30]
  • What listing agents want to see in an offer right now [37:12]
  • Jessica’s predictions for the Brooklyn real estate market [41:19]
  • Why good agents will succeed in any type of market [43:04]

Jessica Peters

Jessica Peters’ success at Douglas Elliman has rivaled that of the Brooklyn market, and that has been by design. In 2008, Jessica moved to Douglas Elliman’s Williamsburg office, sensing a great change was coming to greater Brooklyn. Fourteen years later, Jessica has established herself as one of Brooklyn’s most accomplished residential real estate brokers, especially in New Development and townhouse restoration.

Jessica is among one of the highest achieving agents in the nation, having collectively sold over $1 billion of closed real estate deals in Brooklyn to date. She is excited to further expand Douglas Elliman’s footprint in Brooklyn, as she and her talented associates work with some of the most exciting real estate New York City has to offer.

Inspired to enter real estate by her family in the business, Jessica is at the top of her game in Brooklyn, with unsurpassed knowledge, experience and instincts. While real estate is her first passion, she also loves to cook, and foster dogs for New York Second Chance Rescue, where she serves as the Vice Chair of Corporate Sponsorship.

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