986: How to Negotiate Win-Win Real Estate Deals with Joel Nath

August 26, 2021

In today’s competitive real estate markets, negotiation skills are absolutely essential. If your negotiation skills need work, you won’t want to miss this interview with 30 Under 30 honoree Joel Nath. Here, he shares several simple negotiation tactics that you can implement immediately. Plus, we discuss common mistakes agents make when writing offers, how to handle problems uncovered during inspection, and more. Tune in and discover what you can start doing right now to better serve your real estate clients.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • About Joel Nath and his real estate team [1:54]
  • Joel’s first real estate deal [3:30]
  • Why Joel stopped flipping properties [6:04]
  • A strategy you can use to boost your commissions [7:16]
  • Where Joel gets deals today [9:40]
  • The nice thing about pay-per-click ads [12:37]
  • An agent’s value proposition [15:40]
  • Easy fixes for deal-breaking inspection findings [18:30]
  • How much words matter when negotiating [19:34]
  • Joel’s tips for negotiating win-win deals [22:02]
  • Joel’s growth plan [28:40]
  • Advice on building your real estate team [33:00]
  • Joel’s advice for struggling buyer’s agents [34:01]
  • What it takes to close a VA-loan deal in 21 days [34:39]
  • Mistakes agents make when writing offers [40:45]
  • The unfortunate truth about buyer letters [41:37]
  • Where to learn more about Joel Nath [43:55]

Joel Nath

As an Army Infantry Veteran, and a seasoned real estate professional, Joel recognize and value the trust that his clients place in him, and he strives to not only meet, but exceed all their expectations. Joel has been named as an ‘Up and Comer’ by the Real Producer magazine and has consistently been a top producing agent in his Brokerage. Buying or selling a home in Colorado Springs is a complex, sophisticated and often deeply personal endeavor. As the owner of Top Notch Home Team, Joel modernized a system that provides the client the utmost customer service and experience. Their top priority is delivering amazing results and an enjoyable process every single time.

Combining two Master’s Degrees in Business and Management with the tenacity of a soldier Joel became one of the most sought after distressed property specialists in Colorado Springs – working with attorneys, investors, and the courts. While distressed properties account for half of his sales volume the rest come from military clientele and luxury homes. After serving in the US army Joel truly understand the hardships of military life and believe that Veterans and Active military deserve the best representation possible. Joel’s intimate knowledge of the Springs, and experiences of having served here give him enthusiasm and a great desire to make his home, your home.

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