943: Overcoming Tragedy and Changing Clients’ Lives with Kimberly Tocco

December 21, 2020

Kimberly Tocco knows firsthand how hard it can be for struggling families to become homeowners. She overcame personal tragedy and financial hardship to buy a home when Realtors told her it would be impossible. Since then, she’s given back over $500,000 of her own commissions to help families realize the dream of homeownership. On today’s podcast, Kimberly shares how building a business based on giving turned her into one of Arizona’s top Realtors. She also offers tips for new agents and discusses her brand-new book, Overcome: Memoirs of a Suicide.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • About Kimberly Tocco [0:58]
  • Covid-19’s impact on the Phoenix housing market [3:38]
  • Giving commissions back to struggling families [6:54]
  • The worst day in Kimberly’s life [9:58]
  • The moment Kimberly discovered her purpose [14:03]
  • How a no-quit attitude made Kimberly Rookie of the Year [16:43]
  • Building a real estate business on the basis of giving back [20:40]
  • What new agents need to know about real estate [22:46]
  • Overcome: Memoirs of a Suicide by Kimberly Tocco [24:52]
  • Kimberly’s first Facebook Live property showing [28:50]
  • How Kimberly got a spot on HGTV [31:20]
  • Kimberly’s next book on suicide prevention [37:04]
  • Big goals for giving back in 2021 [39:50]
  • Kimberly’s final words for listeners [42:13]
  • Plus so much more.

Kimberly Tocco

Author, OVERCOME Coach and Public Speaker, CEO Tenacious Productions and The Intuitive Realtor
“It is not what you go through, it’s how you come through it.” – Kimberly “Tenacious T” Tocco

Kimberly is an experiential solutionist who established a career all based on having a tenacity for life. Her story is a difficult one…but it has fueled a fire that will never stop, never give up, never stop believing in JOY

On March 22, 2011, Kimberly’s then 13 year old son walked up stairs and took his life. He passed in her arms turning her entire World upside down. Just two years after losing him and wallowing in grief, she decided that suicide would NOT overcome me. She was going to OVERCOME suicide. Over the last 7 years with sheer grit and focus, Kimberly rose to the top of her field using her creativity and disruptive marketing. Top producer, multiple award winner for inspiration and philanthropic work giving back over half a million of her own commission in rebates to help families gain home ownership. Not AFTER the sale, but right there at the closing table relieving some of the financial burden. HGTV Featured her in her own inaugural episode of POOL HUNTERS with her actual clients making the top 10 most watched show of the night! Then to the launch of her book, OVERCOME: MEMOIRS OF A SUICIDE , holding #1 on Amazon in its category for 2 weeks March 2020.

Kimberly’s purpose is not just real estate. Through Homeownership or Sales, she helps families who have been through hardships start a new chapter. She has been down the toughest of roads and can really connect to her clients, even the ones who are just looking for an agent who will fight for them as if it were her own deal.  Kimberly’s hardships have given her a gift in many ways as she was deeply empathic yet also have extremely strong instincts earning her the name of “Tenacious T” out in the Real Estate Field. Kimberly has over 90% of her buyers close on their homes with instant equity, having identified the right home in the right market and a 87% rate of all offers ACCEPTED in bidding wars. For her sellers, Kimberly has broken records for top sales in the subdivisions consistently, sometimes the highest price ever. Kimberly is a problem solver and consider herself to be a solutionist, again, having a 99% rate of closing on time.

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