987: Finding Your ‘Why’ in Real Estate with Realtor Laura Stewart

August 30, 2021

Most people get into real estate in order to make lots of money; most of them fail. On today’s podcast with Toronto-based Realtor Laura Stewart, we discuss what new agents need to succeed: a powerful “why.” Tune in for tips on finding the motivation to make it big in this business. You’ll also get practical advice on mastering industry essentials, including follow-up and marketing.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • The REC Experience Podcast [2:00]
  • “He who has a why can endure any how.” [4:38]
  • Advice for real estate agents: find a niche [5:35]
  • The pitfalls of sudden success [7:21]
  • Laura’s new content-creation company [13:07]
  • How Laura and her team help real estate investors [14:30]
  • What the Toronto real estate market is like right now [21:00]
  • Austin real estate trends [23:11]
  • Canadian real estate investments [26:58]
  • A contract clause to look out for with new builds [30:13]
  • Laura’s advice for new agents [33:00]
  • The art and science of real estate follow up [37:40]]
  • Why customer service skills are key in real estate [39:30]
  • Real estate market predictions [41:30]
  • The power of the pivot [46:35]
  • Where to learn more about Laura and how to reach out [47:49]

Laura Stewart

Laura Stewart is a Realtor, Podcast co-host and blogger. She is the Vice President of REC Canada & Founder of FTGU Media. After receiving an undergraduate degree from the University of Guelph (Bachelor of Applied Science), Laura moved to Toronto and began working for high-net-worth clients through a personal concierge company that specialized in household needs, design and travel. From there, she continued her passion for the luxury industry and joined the buying team at Holt Renfrew and HBC Corporate offices. Wanting to take her career to the next level, she earned a Master’s degree in Business Administration, specializing in Marketing Communications, from the world-renowned Schulich School of Business. Today, Laura serves as a partner in one of Canada’s top real estate sales organizations, using her marketing background to run a well-known real estate brand.

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