Build a huge referral network and have eager clients falling right into your lap! Leigh Brown, the “No Bullshit” Realtor®, joins us to share the strategies that have made referrals such a reliable source of business for her brokerage. Her strategies are so effective that clients aren’t the only ones referring her; she also has a steady stream of referrals coming in from other real estate agents! Discover Leigh’s proven referral strategies, hear a couple of her craziest real estate stories, and learn the one word that will drastically increase your referral rate on today’s episode of Real Estate Rockstars!

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Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • Leigh’s brief bio [4:28]
  • How much Leigh made last year [7:41]
  • Where Leigh gets her listings [8:32]
  • How to get agent referrals [8:55]
  • The one word that will drastically increase your referral rate [11:05]
  • How to build a referral-based business [13:10]
  • The story behind Leigh’s Bank of America video [20:30]
  • The videos that get Leigh the most views on social media [29:41]
  • Why you should be using Facebook Live [35:45]
  • What Leigh’s podcast is all about [36:41]
  • Why real estate agents get a bad rap [38:24]
  • A couple of the crazy real estate stories Leigh has heard [40:57]
  • How to win a free copy of Leigh’s book, Outrageous Authenticity [43:51]
  • How to break through your goals.
  • Plus so much more.

Leigh Brown

Hold on to your seats and get ready for a great ride, Leigh Brown is in the house! Leigh Brown is an international sales/motivational speaker who ho can most likely motivate a snail to enter the 50 yard dash! She is hilarious in an almost-inappropriate-but-still-family-friendly way and speaks from the heart. She is tried and true, in the trenches, one of the top selling Realtors in the Charlotte NC real estate market and a RE/MAX broker/owner with one of the largest and most successful firms on the planet. Leigh is also proud to be in the RPAC Hall of Fame (high five if you know what that is!).

Leigh takes pride in being a wife, a mama, an author. Her first book was published in January 2016. She has 3 cats available for adoption at any evening around 3a when they cough up hairballs. Leigh is also a runner, singer, pianist who enjoys cooking and gardening and needlepoint (yes, she’s an old Southern woman.) And she is a child of God and a follower of Jesus just trying to get life right, one mistake at a time.

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