914: How 26-Year-Old Realtor Lior Rozhansky Sells $12 Million in Volume Annually

June 29, 2020

Have you been grinding for months to bring in new real estate business? Does it feel like your efforts have been wasted? Don’t give up! Today’s guest, Lior Rozhansky, is a young Realtor who knows that struggle and how to overcome it. Just last year, he sold over $12 million in volume. On this podcast, Lior shares why consistency is key when it comes to getting new clients and selling more homes. He also gives tips for new agents, offers advice on working with investors, and more. Listen in for strategies you can use to build a booming real estate business.

Lior Rozhansky

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • About Lior [2:51]
  • Lior’s transactions last year [9:17]
  • Where Lior found deals as a new agent [10:39]
  • Boston’s response to coronavirus [14:42]
  • Protesting and its impact on Boston’s real estate market [16:56]
  • Lior’s real estate predictions [18:48]
  • Tips on building a booming real estate business [22:30]
  • The power of consistency [24:16]
  • Lior’s donation to the Agent Success Toolbox [29:09]
  • How Lior wins investors’ business [31:22]
  • The benefits of branding [33:05]
  • How to find balance and stay consistent [38:29]
  • Lior’s parting words for agents [42:09]
  • How to break through your goals.
  • Plus so much more.

Lior Rozhansky

Lior Rozhansky is a 26 year old realtor out of Boston going into his third year in the business and runs a small team of 4 agents. As a market-savvy real estate advisor, Lior specializes in working with corporate professionals, investors, first-time home buyers, and long-time residents of the Boston market with selling and buying single-family homes, condominiums, and multi-family buildings.

Lior grew up in the Boston area and quickly discovered the power of real estate right after college. His first purchase of a multi-family building gave him first-hand experience into the true wealth-building abilities of real estate. He has since gone on to acquire and develop other multi-family buildings.

With first-hand experience in real estate ownership, Lior now has a keen interest in using that experience and knowledge to help both buyers and sellers manage their wealth through real estate. His degree from Brandeis University in biochemistry and business has helped him develop detailed market knowledge of the Boston area, analyze the financials of real estate, and develop tactical plans for client success.

Last year, Lior personally sold about $12M in volume and his team did $21M. He is also an active investor with a $9M rental portfolio.

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