995: Systems for Scaling to 80+ Real Estate Deals per Year – Mark McGuire

October 7, 2021

New real estate agents often struggle to close deals, especially in highly competitive markets like these. That’s why, if you’re a new agent, the thought of scaling from one to 10 deals might seem like a pipe dream. But today’s guest, Mark McGuire, is here to share how it’s done. Mark’s business closes 80+ high-dollar deals per year thanks to systems for scaling that he personally implemented and perfected. Listen and learn where to find new clients, how to make new hires, and more. You’ll also discover why syndication is the most powerful way for a real estate professional to invest.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • Mark’s start in real estate [2:17]
  • Mark’s first real estate deal [5:52]
  • What agents today take for granted [8:58]
  • How to find new real estate business in 2021 [12:23]
  • The emotional rollercoaster that is real estate [13:50]
  • What open houses are really for [15:41]
  • Advice on hiring for a real estate team [20:23]
  • Core values for Mark’s real estate business [22:58]
  • Mark’s real estate sales stats [27:11]
  • Reevaluating a real estate team’s systems and processes [30:04]
  • Mark’s favorite CRM for real estate: Follow Up Boss [31:00]
  • Mark’s spreadsheet for tracking commissions and profit [32:45]
  • The benefits of real estate syndication [35:19]
  • Mark McGuire’s final thoughts and how to reach him [38:12]

Mark McGuire

Real Estate is in Mark’s blood. His great grandfather started a Real Estate company in 1941, and it’s been in the family ever since. Whether over family dinners, while on Christmas morning, or away on vacation, real estate was always the focal point of conversation. Mark tried to resist joining the family business and experiment with other fields of work, but he quickly realized that real estate was his true passion. Mark is now the 4th generation of realtors in his family. Before becoming a real estate agent, Mark spent 6 years in property management, maintaining the interior and exterior of 130 rental units, conducting full remodels, and flipping bank owned (REO) properties and short sales. As a buyer or a seller, you need an agent who understands the evolving landscape of today’s real estate market and who understands how to navigate the unforeseen hurdles that exist in the sale of real property. Let Mark show you how he’s setting the NEW standard for modern day real estate.

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