605: How to Step Out of Production and Scale Your Team with Matt O’Neill

January 29, 2018

Unless you step out of production, you can’t scale your team to meet its full potential – that’s what real estate agent Matt O’Neill realized while attending a Tony Robbins event. This realization led to the decision to step out of production for good, and Matt couldn’t be happier with his business or his life now as a result. On today’s Real Estate Rockstars, Matt explains how he scaled his business successfully and covers some of the pitfalls he encountered so listeners like you can avoid them. Plus, Matt shares the resources that helped him boost profits and improve his team’s prospecting results more than anything else.

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Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • Matt’s brief bio [2:01]
  • Matt’s income and profit figures for last year [2:59]
  • The structure of Matt O’Neill Real Estate [4:52]
  • How Matt made the decision to get out of production [5:46]
  • Why getting fed up with real estate isn’t always a bad thing [9:15]
  • Where Matt’s business comes from [12:29]
  • Minimum standards for Matt’s agents [13:02]
  • What Matt learned from the book Fanatical Prospecting [14:09]
  • The best way to motivate agents to reach new leads [14:41]
  • A mistake that nearly put Matt out of business [19:19]
  • The professionals worth paying more for [21:18]
  • The book that helped Matt boost his profits by 10% in one year [23:54]
  • How to beat Matt’s team at getting a listing [26:36]
  • Matt’s follow-up system [30:20]
  • How to set up a charity event with Habitat for Humanity [31:44]
  • Matt’s strategy for selling as many homes as possible in six months [34:46]
  • Where to get Matt’s net income calculator [36:54]
  • How to break through your goals.
  • Plus so much more.

Matt O’Neill 

Matt O’Neill began his real estate career in Charleston in 2005 and found immediate success. It was as if he was born for this career. Matt’s thirst to help his clients caused him to seek out the very best real estate agents in the country and ask them questions. He began traveling all over the United States to meet with the top real estate agents in each city. Meeting with these top agents became the foundation of his marketing system.

Matt borrowed the best aspects of each agent’s systems and incorporated their techniques into his system. In essence, the Matt O’Neill Marketing System is a collaboration of the best-in-class practices from every city in the U.S.

Matt started to notice that the homes I was marketing would sell faster, and for more money than the averages in Charleston. He was starting to get hired by home sellers who had failed to sell with one agent, or two agents, or even four agents. And after he would take over and implement his marketing system, the home would sell for a record price.

Matt began to see it as his duty to get the word out about his marketing system. It was his duty help people avoid years of turmoil while they waited in limbo for their homes to sell with the wrong marketing. This is when Matt started advertising on the radio and TV. He began to hire and train his team to follow the proven marketing system from the world’s best practices.

Today, Matt O’Neill Real Estate is one of the top-ranked real estate teams in the country. He still travels each year to meet with the top agents in the U.S. He still picks up new ideas and pieces from other these top agents and bring them back to Charleston. But now, Matt is also sharing a lot about the way they are doing things.

Even though they have developed the best systems for getting homes sold, these techniques still fall second to the values Matt’s mom taught him growing up. The most important aspects about the way they work are still honesty and integrity, and hugging… having true love for their clients. Their mission at Matt O’Neill Real Estate is to help clients move forward with their life goals. And Matt knows that this mission is one of the biggest differentiating factors in the way they work.

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