880: From Assistant to Agent to Real Estate Rockstar with Matt Templeton

February 10, 2020

Matt Templeton got an early start in real estate as an assistant. At age 18, he had his license and was already selling homes. Fast forward to 2020, Matt now has two teams dominating two different markets and is a true Real Estate Rockstar. On today’s podcast, Matt shares what helped him succeed as an agent, how he built two successful teams, and a follow-up strategy guaranteed to help listeners convert more leads.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • Matt’s brief bio [4:04]
  • Matt’s journey from assistant to agent to team owner [4:49]
  • How to build a self-sustaining business [6:18]
  • What made Matt decide to stay in real estate [8:12]
  • How Matt went from no deals in nine months to 11 closings [9:03]
  • Matt’s sales figures [11:27]
  • Matt’s top lead sources [14:22]
  • An easy strategy for finding fast deals in your list [19:49]
  • Failures that Matt learned from to build a better business [27:15]
  • Advice on following up with leads [29:53]
  • Matt’s script for following up with leads [30:43]
  • Matt’s advice for rookie real estate agents [33:03]
  • Exploring the stories of top producers [35:00]
  • Matt’s donation to the Agent Success Toolbox [37:05]
  • How to break through your goals.
  • Plus so much more.

Matt Templeton

He’s a real fast talker. No, not like that…really, he speaks super fast. Most people say 100 to 150 words a minute when they’re speaking English, but Matt can reach speeds of up to 300 words per minute when he’s excited about something. Which is frequently. He’s a pretty passionate guy. If he’s talking about the new book that he’s reading, his new project, or the new way he’ll be using social media to make his business run smoother and keep his clients happier, watch out. It’s like mach speed.

It’s because he’s a D. I. (Driver – Influencer in case you didn’t know.) Matt tends to be an early adopter, and wants to share about his newest discovery. He knows this because of the DISC personality profile, which is one of hundreds of personality profiles Matt has taken. Matt loves personality profiles. You can also ask him which Disney character he is most like, which century he’s from or what type of dessert he most resembles.

If you happen by Matt’s house on any given day, you’re likely to find people there. It’s not uncommon for Matt to have anywhere from 10 to 100 people there for dinner, sushi or hotdogs and kettle corn by the fire pit. Last year, he had over 2000 people come through his doors; and yes, he gave them all personality profiles.

“Our team tagline is ‘here to serve’ and I really mean that. I love serving my team, my clients, my family and my friends. It’s why I get up in the morning.”

Matt is the team leader for the Templeton Team. He’s responsible for making sure your transaction, whether buying or selling a home is a wonderful experience for you, and he’ll go to great lengths to make sure that happens.

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