685: Give More, Get More: The Business Philosophy of Real Estate Rockstar Kevin Paffrath

August 3, 2018

Give more, get more: that’s the philosophy that fueled Real Estate Rockstar Kevin Paffrath’s rapid rise in one of California’s hottest markets. At only 26 years old, Kevin’s already running his own brokerage and pulling in over $500K in annual profit. On today’s podcast, Kevin explains how his unique approach to business works and why it works so well. Additionally, he offers advice to the industry’s underdogs and shares a few controversial opinions, including why he thinks real estate teams are a scam.

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Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • Kevin’s brief bio [2:30]
  • The number of homes Kevin sells per year [3:31]
  • Kevin’s advice on getting a broker license [7:32]
  • One of the biggest mistakes Pat made as a listing agent [10:30]
  • Where Kevin gets most of his business [12:55]
  • Why Kevin doesn’t want to sell high-end homes [14:50]
  • Advice for underdogs in the real estate industry [16:47]
  • The attitude that guarantees agents success [18:00]
  • How Kevin built a YouTube channel with over 30,000 subscribers [23:02]
  • How to build a great reputation in real estate [34:24]
  • Advice on building a YouTube channel [35:12]
  • What it’s like running a construction company [39:39]
  • Examples of ways to give clients more [47:47]
  • Why Kevin thinks real estate teams are a scam [52:08]
  • Industry issues Kevin exposes in his videos [57:18]
  • An opportunity for listeners of Real Estate Rockstars [1:07:28]
  • How to break through your goals.
  • Plus so much more.

Kevin Paffrath

Kevin believes it is impossible to run a successful business without zeal. Zeal is an unbelievable motivator; it creates the drive to get up at 4:00 a.m. every day and work 14-hour days, meet clients when it is convenient for them, and to put oneself in the shoes of the client. It’s something that can’t be feigned. Someone either has it or doesn’t. Helping his clients is what Kevin does best. Be it to make wise investment decisions, negotiate a deal, know when to buy or when to say “pass,” or to advise clients on building long-term wealth.

Despite an unbelievable amount of energy and drive, Kevin’s personality is easy-going, humorous, and friendly. Kevin sincerely cares about everyone and hopes to be liked by all. His trademarked slogan as, “The No-Pressure Agent,” likely came naturally. As an optimist, he enjoys working with colleagues and clients in a team-based environment. While he is an excellent negotiator, he enjoys making deals win-win. Having perspective and being considerate of every side of the transaction is crucial in deal-making.

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