Make More Real Estate Commissions by Doing Both Sides of the Deal

April 7, 2017

Do you feel like you’ve tried everything to make more real estate commissions? Are you struggling to find new ways to boost your real estate business? If so, recent guests Andrew Undem and Joe Sachetti of Baltimore’s SURE sales group have some advice for you and that advice is to find ways to work both sides of the deal!

Andrew and Joe are masters of the working both buyer and seller sides, which helps them achieve an incredible 62% net profit! We’ve covered a few of their insider tips below, but if you want to catch them all, be sure to listen to the complete podcast interview with Pat Hiban.

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Increase Your Online Presence to Make More Real Estate Commissions

These days, you need a strong online presence as an agent if you want to generate the leads needed for impressive profits. This means having a website for your business, advertising on popular real estate websites, and marketing via social media. More likely than not, it’s your online presence that will capture the attention of potential clients initially.

To cultivate the leads your online efforts generate, you really need to have an inside sales agent (ISA) working for you. With a good ISA making first touch and warming up leads, you’ll be in a better position to sell yourself as an agent, build rapport and close more deals by the time you speak with them personally. By making a great first impression, you’ll also be in a better position to turn these leads into long-term clients who will contact you if they decide to buy or sell again in the future.

Earn More Real Estate Commissions by Being the First Agent Buyers Talk To

Having a strong online presence is often enough to ensure you’re the first agent a lot of potential buyers talk to, but it’s not the only thing you can do. Since having a steady pool of buyers available is essential for agents looking to work both sides of the deal, you need to be doing all you can to catch buyers before anyone else.

Above all else, if you don’t have one yet, you absolutely need to build a real estate farm. This area should be the focus of your marketing efforts. By blanketing your farming area with targeted advertisements, the people in your community will gradually come to associate your name with real estate. When they’re ready to buy or sell, they’ll be far more likely to call you than anyone else.

Work with Investors and Builders to Double Your Commissions

When it comes to working with clients who make it easier to work both sides of the deal, there are two types that stand out: real estate investors and builders. Not only does working with these types of clients often allow you to market properties before they hit the MLS, it gives you the chance to work double-commission deals on a regular basis.

If your marketing skills are up to snuff and you’re able to find buyers for these builder and investor clients consistently, you’ll likely land several repeat clients and earn more real estate commissions as a result. Customer service is very important when working with these types of clients, so be sure to go the extra mile when selling their properties. For builders specifically, bringing in buyers before renovations are complete is a great way to earn extra brownie points. When it comes to working with investors, experience and preparation are vital.

If you want even more tips on making more real estate commissions, including additional information on how to do both sides of the deal, be sure to listen to the complete podcast interview with Andrew Undem and Joe Sachetti.

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